Saturday, December 11, 2004


My dearest Corwynne,

Completely off the topic of your last letter, I was going through some papers here and in the settlement, and I came across something funny. Once upon a time, you had a word of the day calendar and you would send the words to me and we would come up with example sentences.....I wrote them down. So in reading the following you can laugh like it is all new again.

1. Kind, gracious.
2. Beneficial, favorable.

"Gandalf is no longer the benignant grandfather of the first film, rather he emerges as a warrior to forfend destruction and battle the fell forces of Mordor before they can immolate all of Middle Eaath, turning its green swards to barren ash."
(I seem to recall that forfend, fell, immolate and swards were all words sent before I started writing them down.)

1. Covered with growing plants or grass; green with vegetation.
2. Green
3. Unripe in knowledge, judgement or experience; green.

"Even amidst the artisty of Rivendell, memories of the Shire's verdant farmlands made Sam long for home."
""Never let a dwarf mix your drink." cried Legolas, his face verdant after a sip of Gimli's special "Moria Hooch.""
"Even Pippin, the most verdant of the hobbits, understood the importance of keeping Frodo from the Nazgul."
(Not that any of them did a very good job.)

I can see this letter is getting a bit long. I will send the other words another day.
Leggs would love to go to the party with Aragorn. He doubts that anyone will be able to see them, but expects to have a good time anyway.

Your affectionate friend,

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