Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not as much with the Doom

My Dearest Corwynne,

Please do not fret about the tardiness of your reply, I have been so busy working on the new house that I hardly had the time to notice. Paint, paint and more paint…that is my life.

The definition of doom must be different to elves, or perhaps I am just selfish, because I don’t see it as a bad thing. The only unfortunate part I can see is not having Melanie in our camp. When Leggs realized that she wouldn’t be close by for the hair braiding in the afternoons, the grief became to near again and he didn’t speak for days. Maybe he can sneak next door unnoticed and they can spend some time together.

I should have realized what was going on sooner, but I was preoccupied with the whole house thing. Leggs had been muttering his "pet" name for his least favorite member of the camp for weeks with more contempt than normal. All in all, I think it is a wonderful development, but I realize that there are others who would prefer to keep things the same. Leggs and I are in agreement on one thing…the way they chose to go about the separation is unforgivable. As if we were children unable to comprehend the intricacies of the camp split. "I am more than 3000 years old, and they treat me like a child." has been muttered more than once.

I have tried to explain to him how fabulous it will be now, but as with much of my explanations to him, it seems to have gone unheard…he will see for himself soon enough.

I received a communication today from the transreality licensing board. You will be happy to know that once I explained the injustice that we had suffered at the hand of the splinter group we have trusted for decades they decided ignore your last letter entirely. They seem to be a reasonable group, and they even have a sense of humor. The man in charge of the department that handles inter-reality mailings seems to be very afraid of upsetting the King and Leggs so I think as long as we don’t go overboard, we can actually write anything we want and ignore any official warning we might receive.

With those bits of ugliness out of the way we can move onto more joyous things. Like your upcoming party. I received my invitation and it is lovely. I can’t wait. I think we will have a grand time. Please consider this as my "will attend" response.

I hope your Spring Celebration was a success and left no one scarred. I am beyond exhausted…I managed to paint four rooms this weekend. They only need a wee bit of touch up next weekend. I took pictures and will post them to you as soon as my father, The Honourable Lord Amron, emails them to me.

Please give my best to the King and tell him that Pennsic 36 will be the best yet, I promise.

Your affectionate friend,

Monday, March 19, 2007


My Dearest Kendrah,

I must first apologize for the lateness of my reply. It has been an incredibly hectic month for both me and the king. But I finally have some answers!

Yeastrday afternoon I was finally able to spend a bit of time with the king as he needed to give me his guest list for my birthday party. Politics!

Anyway, while we sitting around hand-addressing envelopes (because labels are tacky!), I casually mentioned I needed some assistance with Elvish translation. He agreed to assist. I warned him it probably wouldn't be pleasant and gave him the list:
gothrim - my foes
wethrinaer - deceitful ones
olwince - stick
awarth - abandonment
dagnir - bane

He looked at me sadly "Where did you encounter these ill-omened words?" I told him Leggs is having nightmares and talking in his sleep. (I then had to explain that it was YOU not I awakened by his cries in the night. The king is so cute, and slightly dangerous, when he's jealous!) I mentioned you had tried your best to get the information from Leggs but..."Don't tell me!" the king replied. "He pulled that "The grief is still too near crap again, didn't he?" I confirmed that yes, that was was indeed the crap he pulled (and when did the king start saying 'crap'?!), and if this is related to the DOOM the two of the have been going on about for months he'd better just cowboy up and let me in on their little secret because I've had just about enough of his moping!.

So, he makes me sit down, takes my hand and give me the sad wizard eyes Gandalf gave Frodo when he found out Bilbo's old ring was THE ring. "I hate to be the one to tell you this, but we will not be camping with quite a few of our Pennsic camp mates this year." He started to give be detailed explanation worthy of the Professor himself, but here's the Indigo "sum up" version. Most of Eastmar and a few of the folks we considered Silver Phoenix decided they wanted a smaller, more intimate camp. So they worked out a plan, talked to Pennsic officials and sent a "done deal" sort of email to Lady Maggie and Lord Amron. Emails went back and forth to the land autocrat and it appears the issue has at last been settled. Ask Leggs for more details when the grief is further away.

"And everybody is ok with this?" I asked.

"Well, people's feelings are hurt and people are angry and I'm pretty sure some relationsips have been irrevocably damaged" (look at him using big words!). "What REALLY pisses me off" (back to being crass again), "is how much more pleasant the whole thing could have been had we been involved from the beginning. I know I've only been around for a few years, but I would have liked to have been in on the discussion, maybe offer an opinion, share MY feelings. Heck, I actually think splitting up the camp is good idea, maybe even something you all should have done years ago, but, by Elbereth, I resent people treating me like an unreasonable child or presuming to know my thoughts on a subject without asking me!!"

Now, that's quite a long speech from my usually reticent Ranger. And for once, he and I are pretty much in agreement. I know just how he feels. He claims he didn't tell me sooner because I was having so much Primary Reality stress, he didn't want to add to it. Well, now that I know, and everything is settled, I look forward to planning our new campwhich will, I hope will contain far fewer stresses than dwelling in the old one! Aragorn already has some rather good suggestions...

Well, must dash. I'm in charge of children's activities for the Grove's Spring Celebration this Saturday. And no solution to my invitation printing issues! Argh! Hope all is well with you and work on the new house is progressing.

Your Affectionate Friend,

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Riddles in the Dark

My Dearest Corwynne,

I have had a very stressful day. I had just fallen asleep after returning very late from a Kevin Smith Q and A, when I was awakened by Legolas yelling in his sleep. Whenever he talks in his sleep it is in his mother tongue and I usually pay it no mind, but last night he called out with such vehemence that I grabbed pen and paper. The words that I caught are listed below. When the day offically started, I asked Leggs to tell me what the words meant he only defined one before he fell back on his old reliable excuse "For me the grief is too near." and would not continue.

So I am hoping that you could preveil upon the king to translate, for I suspect this has something to do with the "doom" of which they have been muttering.

I have not heard from you recently and look forward to your reply.

Your affectionate friend,

Nadorhuanrim-cowardly dogs