Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Signing

My Dearest Corwynne,

I shall repeat my apology for the lack of writing yet again and I hope that it will be the last time. I am certain that Leggs is going to give me much to lament in the next few months. Leggs, as you know, has been quite pleased since my husband left me in the spring. The Great Spring Blessing as he calls it. Since his joy has gotten a bit annoying lately, I decided not to share the information that I was signing the divorce papers today. I figured I would tell him when he could take it like the 3000 year old elf that he is instead of a teenaged boy who just got a sports car for his birthday.

Well, my plan failed. There I was signing the papers in the office of Greg's creepy lawyer and when I looked up there was Leggs behind the lawyer.......Dancing. Yes dancing. It was a little jig and very distracting. I am sure that the lawyer was thinking that Greg was well rid of me simply for the fact that I was giving dirty looks to empty space.

Leggs finally realized that I was not amused and he left. He has even been smart enough to keep his distance today....Kind of. What he is doing now is a new variation on the "dwell with me" chant. Instead of a constant repetition of the phrase, every 15 minutes or so I will hear "dwell with me" said very fast in the next room. By the time I get there he is gone. And the only reason I don't set up a boobie trap of some sort to kill him is that I am certain he has no idea how annoying he is being.

I am certain that his excitement will tone itself down in time, but with an immortal he could take longer than I would like. I would hate to have to dump him again. We shall see,

Your affectionate friend,

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weekends and Parties

My Dearest Kendrah,

It has been a while since I've heard from you. I do hope all is well in the Settlement. I'm guessing that since Leggs' return, you've both been very busy catching up on meetings, greeting emissaries and enjoying candle-lit dinners. (not that you have much of a choice when it comes to lighting instruments!)

I've still been pretty busy at work, but at least "Lysistrata" closed on Saturday. Now I'm trying to get caught up on everything else. My weekends are going to be absolutely packed for the next month or so! This weekend I have an Ancestor Dinner on Friday, plan to sew all day Saturday and I'm going to Earrach and Diana's Sunday to help put together furniture and unpack. I was thinking of spending the day hibernating, but Andrew wooed me with promises of good beer and Anglo-Saxon poetry. Next weekend is "Playground" our independent student project week, so I'll be here for that Friday through Sunday. And then there is the wedding rehearsal on the 28th, the wedding itself on the 29th and the Samhain party that Saturday night. I haven't even thought about what to make! I think Aragorn and I need another quiet get-away to Henneth Annun before it gets too cold!

I do plan to be home this evening so perhaps we can talk then. Today is Viggo's birthday and Aragorn is planning to spend the evening partying with him, so I'll be home alone, waiting for Isildur's Heir to stumble in during the wee hours. I know, I know, he can take care of himeself, but I worry that he isn't used to swiftly moving know how I am about getting hit by a bus! I can always comfort myself with another episode of Horatio Hornblower. (Capt. Pellew would NEVER be caught stumbling home drunk, but I digress!)

Hope all is well. I'll talk to you soon.
Your Affectionate Friend,

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Dearest Kendrah,

I felt I had to write immediately to warn you of the grave danger we face.

The kitties and I went to the vet this morning. Horror of horrors...we found a flea!!! Just one. On Donald of course. But it explains the scratching. I wanted to warn you because Pippin may be infested as well. Your dog, Pippin, not the Hobbit. Of course, the Hobbit may be infested as well, but there’s probably very little you can do about Pheriannath parasites. (Then again, Pippin the Hobbit, not your dog, does seem to enjoys baths, so he may have escaped infestation altogether...which is fortunate)

Well, I just wanted to pass on the information. No sense pretending the problem doesn’t exist. I must be off to print tickets for tonight. I’ll give you a call this evening.

Your Affectionate Friend,

Names for the weekend

My dearest Corwynne,

I again must apologize for my lack of writing, but I was hoping my mother would mention the list of names before I wrote again. She is still have internet difficulties and apparently she has yet to see them. I plan to share the with her this weekend. I will let you know what she says.

Leggs and Gimli have finally returned from their long hunt. I was pleased to report that there was no need for his security precautions. He seemed perturbed. Oh well. Oh did I mention that they returned empty handed? It appears that apart from what they caught and ate each day, they forgot to hunt. Too busy telling stories about the war for the ring I suppose. Luckily, we have plenty of stored food here and can make it through several winters so their trip down Hero Memory Lane won't cause any problem.

Well, I am off to play with the baby.

Your affectionate friend,

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

It was so good to hear from you! Things have been pretty busy here...Our first show opens tomorrow night and the usual insanity has erupted. I mentioned the naming issue to Aragorn and he went to work to find what he considered "appropriate" names. He's very concerned about the appropriateness of names. Below is his list. He's given the meanings for many of them (Though they look suspiciously like the meanings given in the Encyclopedia of Arda Most of them appear to be First or Second Age Elves and Edain, but a few are more modern. We hope your moher is able to find something acceptable.

Must run off to a staff meeting. I will talk to you soon!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Aragorn's Kitty Name List
Finwë 'skilled one'
Feänor 'spirit of fire'
Maedhros 'Glitter of Metal'
Maglor 'cleaver of gold'
Celegorm 'Swift to act'
Amras 'russet top'
Amroth 'up-climber' ?
Felegund ‘Hewer of Caves’
Finrod 'Mighty descendant of Finwë'
Turgon 'valiant lord'?
Maeglin 'Sharp Glance'
Aulë 'Invention'
Ulmo 'He who Pours'
Oromë ‘loud trumpeter’
Manwë 'Blessed One'
Telperion Silver tree of Valinor
Lorien '(god of dreams'
Glofindel 'Golden-haired Elf’
Earendil 'Sea-lover'
Estel ‘hope’

Aredhel 'Noble Elf'
Idril 'sparkling brilliance'
Elwing ‘star-spray’
Earwen 'Sea-maiden'
Elbereth 'star-lady'
Elentari 'Star-queen'
Varda 'sublime'
Yavanna 'Giver of Fruits'
Nienna 'She Who Weeps'
Kementari 'Queen of the Earth'.
Tintallë ‘the kindler’
Gilrain 'star-wanderer'
Melian ‘dear gift'
Laurelin the golden tree of Valinor
Celebrian 'silver queen'
Hirilorn (Tree of the Lady)
Hithlum (Land of Mist)