Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wow is right.

My Dearest Corwynne,

I have to say that I found you last letter to be less than I expected from you. I understand the King's worries about holding these two worlds together, but I did expect you to be more understanding.

You know how the relationship between myself and Leggs came to pass, and that I find a long term relationship with a person that no one else can see a little less than fullfilling. And I thought you liked "the loud one".

I don't really see what all the fuss is about. I'm not going to marry him and I don't think that you can really label what is going on with us even what is the problem?

I guess that considering the situation that you found yourself in, with you affair with the Doctor, I thought you would be more understanding. At least my affair is with someone with qualities (ie. a physical presence) that Leggs doesn't have.

I will, of course, give what you have said some serious thought, but I can't garuntee anything.

Leggs is bucking up these days. We have spent entire minutes without him sulking, which believe me is a massive improvement.

I will let you know if anything changes.

Your affectionate friend,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My Dearest Kendrah,

I hardly know what to say! This insight into Legolas's Elven psyche has made me realize just how little he understands the swiftly-moving World of Men (especially the world that is Pennsic.) It's shocking how completely he believes in his fantasy world to the exclusion of Reality. It makes my throat hurt thinking how contrary his desires are to yours, and that in all the years of your relationship, these things were never discussed!

You two will have to work this out! It is your doom and destiny to be together and the King and I are convinced that if you choose to separate, there will be serious consequences in all our Worlds. And I can say with surety that the King will be highly displeased if we end up in another World altering event so soon after the destruction of Mordor. He's already compiling charts and graphs comparing recent events to the Fall of Gondolin and the Drowning of Numenor. He is not unconvinced that the recent crazy weather events are unrelated to the disruption in the "Force" caused by this unfortunate turn of events.

The King plans to ride to the settlement today and see if he can talk some sense into the Elf. In the mean time, I have been instructed to light candles, burn incense and pray for the blessings of Elbereth and Manwe on your relationship. Which seems really out of character for the King...he's usually less about Divine Intervention and more about hitting it with sword. And why am I the one stuck making offerings to these foreign gods? Remember what happened to Earendil when he went pleading to the Valar? (If I get turned into a star, or a planet or some other heavenly body, I'm blaming the you!)

Inter-racial relationships often present difficulties and the two of you are operating from very different reality check points. Even the King and I have had this sort of misunderstanding from time to time. It is my sincere hope that you and Legolas can become more sensitive to each others needs. I pray you can move from love of the dream and shadow of who you think the other is, and come to an appreciation of each other for what and who you are.

I must go burn that incense now. Please let me know as soon as possible what the outcome is and if there is anything the King and I can do to help. The Fate of our Worlds depends upon it.

Your Affectionate Friend,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Legg's Lament Part III

My Dearest Corwynne,

I know that you are on your way to Summerland, but I just finished transcribing the last of Leggs' Pennsic writings and want it off my hands as soon as possible. This is the longest bit. So take your time and let me know what you think I should do when you get back.

I hope you are having a lovely time and that the event is the only place in Ohio that isn't raining!

Your affectionate friend,

August 4, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
Success. I am sure that it worked. Although watching her from the road during the competition, I am sure that look of annoyance on her face was just because she was required to remain until the end instead of finding me and accepting my proposal immediately. By this time tomorrow I will be well rested and with K, who I will then be able to call my bride. We may even beat the King and future Queen to the vows!

Imagine my shock when I went to K’s tent this morning only to find that Corwynne, who was caring for the sons, was asleep in her bed. I count my self blessed by the Valar that the King did not find me there, for I am certain that I would not have been given time to explain before I would have been more intimately introduced to the sword that was broken and has now been reforged! I got away quickly, however, and I must say that I am please to see that Kendrah’s desire to find me has now out lasted her desire to stay out late. She has always returned by this time in the morning, but while searching for me, she has not stopped, she will not rest until she finds me…..
I was incorrect, but it matters little. It does not matter that she did not stay out later in her search for me than she does for her parties. She is, although an extraordinary example, still only a human, and must have her sleep. It appears that she returned around 6:45 and rather than wake the future Queen and risk waking the sons, she slipped into Corwynne’s tent and slept there. Corwynne, ever the saint and the only human who would make an acceptable Queen of Gondor, allowed my love to sleep for several hours before handing back the child care responsibilities. She is a wonder and Gondor will be all the better for it.
1:45 pm
The sons have been returned to the care of their father. I continue to rest and draw strength from the trees…
August 5, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
9 am
Today is the day…I know it. I will go down to the camp and Kendrah will have finally relented to my pleas.
I entered her tent to find her not alone. My initial thought was that it was the loud one, then I saw it was Charmaine. For a moment I was still concerned. "Valar help me, first the loud one and now a woman!" Once I realized it was Charmaine I remembered that K had told me that if Charmaine’s husband decided not to come that she had invited Charmaine to share her tent with us. Charmaine was awake and taking care of her morning tasks, while Kendrah struggled to sleep. I feel a bit guilty, for I am sure it is not knowing where I am that is making it difficult for her to get the sleep that she needs so very much. Perhaps in the future she will make better use of her time so that she can withstand these hardships when they come.
I was about to return so that she and I could have our touching reuniting scene for all of her friends and family to witness, when it started to rain. I feel no discomfort from the rain, or the snow, or any weather for that matter….but I decided it was better to wait. A love such as ours deserves better than some cheesy rain scene like in one of those movies I have seen in the palantir box. So I will wait.
I traveled down to the camp in search of Kendrah today. Apparently I underestimated her need to find me, for I discovered that shortly after she awoke this morning she left camp and she had not returned for many hours. Charmaine and the future Queen joked about the idea that she may have gone over to the camp of the Loud One for a nap, but I know better….she was searching for me. I was unable to resist the call of the trees while waiting for her and left. When I returned from a lovely conversation with an Oak I had not met before she had returned looking very well rested…the search for me must be invigorating. But she was sitting down to dinner, so I have decided to wait until tomorrow. It will be the perfect time for the vows that will bind the rest of her life, since it is the anniversary of her birth.
Despite being separated from me, she seems to be coping quiet well. This evening she left the camp again. Amazingly enough, she returned and stayed in camp for an extended period of time, to smoke a hookah with her friends. Yes, the loud one was there, but I know that she longs to be with me. Why else would any human ears be able to hear them bickering from miles away. "What do you want to argue about?" "Oh, I guess we will argue about what we always argue about….what ever you want to argue about!" I think that after all of this they won’t even be able to maintain a friendship. That is sad considering a life with out the light that is Kendrah is a dark one, but what can one do?
August 6, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
The most sacred of days, for it is the birthday of my love.
I have had a moment with my love today. I managed to catch her alone in her tent. She seemed happy to see me but it was far less than I expected. Perhaps I waited too long and some of the overwhelming love that I am sure the music competition instilled in her has waned a bit. It matters not, for she has agreed to spend a bit of this evening with me…without the Loud One.
August 7, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
Tonight did not go as expected. Kendrah was with the Loud One. They were at a party where she was not enjoying herself. The LO didn’t even notice….and on her birthday. So I suggested that we leave. To my shock, she agreed. We left together and I was certain, especially when she said Chalkman, that now was when she would make her vows. Instead, it was her suggested destination….
I am not sorry though. Kendrah and I spent several hours among her friends, of which not a one is romantically interested in her, There were toasts made to the birth that day of her friend’s baby, Chloe Jean. I will be sure to offer a song of praise to the Valar for her joyous entry into the world.
Kendrah has many friends from varying stations in life. She is not at all biased in one direction or another. She is friends with barkeeps, vikings, bellydancers and barbarians. And they all seem to have genuine affection for her. She laughed and joked with them for hours and I delighted in watching it.
Sadly, many of these friends do not seem to have her best interests at heart. It seems that they are not used to seeing her without the LO. They were concerned that they weren’t together. I was aghast to find her saying that they were meeting up later, but that she thought it best if she came to the Chalkman to do her thing and left him at the party to do his.
To steal a line from the Bard…"I was not angry since I came to Pennsic. Until this instant."
I left the Pub, left her there to escort herself back to him. I may return to the settlement in the morning. But tonight I will sleep in the trees.
August 8, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
I was prepared to leave. I had every intention of going to Silver Phoenix and telling her that I was going to the settlement and she could find me when she was ready to make amends. But then the rains came. It has been raining heavily, on and off, for several days. The amount of mud that these humans have been trodding through makes me worry for my clothing. But today, the most beloved belly kitchen flooded. The children played in the massive puddle that appeared and then disappeared when Kendrah’s father dug Eelditch. The future Queen’s tent was flooded until Amron(K’s father) dug Lileelditch. The laughter and work that was going on in that camp today was overwhelming. Bailing of water, splashing through puddles and mud.
Kendrah decided to take Brennan (her oldest) and Arwen for a walk in the rain. (Logan, her youngest thought he would enjoy the rain and discovered he was wrong) With in moments of stepping out from the shelter of the kitchen fly she was drenched. And I remembered why I love her all over again. I went with them on there walk which to Kendrah’s dismay did not only include mud and puddles. It included a camp full of naked people and a man with what she told me was an inflatable sex doll, simulating sex in a stream. Luckily the kids did not ask any questions. The just enjoyed the splashing.
During the walk I told Kendrah of my intentions to leave. She seemed honestly befuddled. It appears that the dwell with me chant did not work as I had intended. She only heard the contestants. In the end this a good thing, because, the King was right. She is not charmed by it. She hates it.
She said that if I wasn’t happy I should leave. That I should not base my entire existence, even if only during her lifetime, upon her. She had assumed that the allure of the trees had been too much for me and that is why she had not seen me. And as for the LO….well, she did not expect it would be a problem….after all she was married to a man in this reality when we first met, so she didn’t realize that dating someone would upset me so much. Dating!!!
I don’t know if my love for her is strong enough for me to put up with him on a regular basis. He’s just so loud. And I told her so. She said that when she said dating, she didn’t mean it in the traditional sense. They seem to be in some sort of odd relationship in which they are deeply committed to one another for two weeks each year. That she never expects that he will visit and that even though he has said he would like her to come to see him, she doubts if he really means it.
I found myself shocked. Do I even know this woman, that I have been so devoted to all these years? In the end, we decided that I should go back to the settlement and she would come to see me and see what we can do when Pennsic is over.
I won’t go however. I have tried to leave, but instead I find myself back in my corps of trees watching her. And that is what I will do until the end of Pennsic. I think the term Kendrah would use is stalker….I hope it isn’t considered a bad term. Legolas, stalker of Kendrah.
August 9, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
11:58 pm
Today saw the Annual Beer Tasting in the neighboring camp. I could see it well from my spot in the woods. Drunken louts. The loud one passed close to my spot after the drinking was over after a visit with Li Chang at Silver Phoenix. If I had had my bow…but Kendrah would never forgive that….
I watched her as she cared for the children and the children of some friends. That way she has of threatening them with dismemberment with a smile on her face that says both "I will do it, if I have to." And "I will do it with love." What a woman!
Then the rains came again. The flooding was less this time, and the frolicking less too. This time the simply watched as Eelditch and Lileelditch did their jobs, albeit slowly and Kendrah looked sadly at the belly kitchen, which while still serviceable as a kitchen, could no longer be said to be the place to be.
Of course she spent the evening, night and pre-dawn hours out. I did not follow, in case she would spot me. I saw her return as the sun rose. This time the LO even walked her to the gate…what a gentleman!
August 10, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
Kendrah arose mid morning today. She dressed and spoke with some of her camp mates and then she was gone. I think the theory of napping elsewhere may have some merit after all.
The King, who senses more than humans, knew that I had not left and today stopped by for a chat. I think that he misunderstood what the problem between K and myself was, because he was going on about how the poor man’s tent had flooded so of course K would let him stay with her….she was just being kind.
I had somehow missed a night when the Loud One stayed in Kendrah’s tent. And now she is gone with him all night and possibly all day. I cannot abide this, but what am I to do?
August 11, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
The glorious day has arrived. The loud one has left and Kendrah is sleeping. The spent very little time together today, as he had much work to do. K packed the inside of her tent as well and was in a very good mood as far as I could tell. When the time came she hugged him goodbye and went back to packing. I think it is possible that she has no actually feelings for him at all…either that or she is the finest actress the world has ever seen.
After dark, Kendrah actually stayed in camp, sitting around the camp fire with her camp mates and Valar be praised, went to bed before 11. Perhaps her behavior is simply caused by sleep deprivation and all will be well in the morning.. I know that I will rest better now that he is gone.
August 12, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
The last day of my last Pennsic.
I will not return to this event again, no matter how things turn out with K. I cannot return here. The trees have even lost their allure.
The camp was up early again today with the reverse purpose…tearing camp down. The efficiency was much improved from previous years. I watched for a few hours and still am convinced that K’s not overwhelmed with emotion for the loud one, her mood even during this sad time is just too good. I feel confident that I will see her in the settlement with in the next few days…until then I will sing my lament.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Leggs Lament Part II

My Dearest Corwynne,

Just in an attempt to get this sordid tale out in the open as quickly as possible, I am sending off the next installment of Leggs' Pennsic writings.

There will be more to come as soon as possible.

Your affectionate friend,

July 30, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
1 pm
I am beginning to think that I am wrong about the stamina of these Pennsic folk. Kendrah returned from her evening out with Lysak and Reagan with very few stories of their adventures at 6 am. She seems to have run into "some other friends" on her way back from her time with the viking and the monk.
I am glad to say that she has gotten a little bit of sleep. She slept from 6 until 10:30, which here qualifies her as lazy. Since she got up she has been in the belly kitchen reading the latest Harry Potter book. It is so fun just to watch her. Every few pages her eyes open wide and her jaw drops. Then she will find her father, announce a page number and what number death can be found there. She has been most shocked by how quickly they started (the deaths) and how matter of fact they are dolled out. I told her that death is matter of fact….one moment it is not there and then it is, no matter what fanfare is placed before it. For this I received one of her trademark eyerolls. She does not like to be referred to as cute, but when she rolls her eyes there is no other word for it, in English or Elvish. Cute.
K is still reading. I have decided to take this time to spend tonight among the trees. I am certain that this is the night to do this. K could not possibly be planning to go out at this late stage. I am sure she will read for a few more hours and then stumble into bed. I plan to be back before she even notices I am gone. That way she will have no ammunition in her little game of "You were at Pennsic? I didn’t see you there."
July 31, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
I have just returned from communing with the trees and the small woodland animals, to discover both the tent and belly kitchen empty. On the chair where I left Kendrah last night, the Harry Potter book sits. I cannot believe that she went out again. She is going to kill herself with this lack of sleep. I can only hope that since she will be getting her children back in her care tomorrow that she plans an early night tonight. I may have to suggest it, since she seems to have lost all sense of propriety. If she stays away much longer he parents are sure to think that she is spending the nights in the company of another man and that will do little for her reputation….I think I sense her returning….More later.
Kendrah’s return at 6am was amazingly followed by an hour more of reading Harry Potter. I could see her eyes drooping and yet she just kept reading. About twenty minutes ago, she succumbed to sleep, but only the Valar know how long she will allow that to continue.
Kendrah’s nap lasted for a few hours. Then she was once again awake and reading. The few breaks she took were to vow that the dishes would be done by tomorrow (luckily she knows the consequences of vow breaking) and to apply sunblock to the loincloth man. Having spent more time in the company of Kendrah’s camp mates this year, I have discovered that my uneasy about the attentions of the loincloth man towards my Kendrah is unwarranted. There is no other man at Cooper’s who could be less interested in stealing my love away….He, D’ner, is a kind and loving man and a wonderful influence on Kendrah. They should spend much more time together.
Having noticed that the vow to have the dishes done by tomorrow has gone unfulfilled, I took this opportunity to speak to Kendrah about her plans and activities over the past few days. Never being one to lie to me, she has admitted that the majority of her evening excursions have ended with her in the company of the Loud One. I do not understand why she would want to spend all her free time with such a man. He draws so much attention with his jokes, stories and songs that the attention of those in attendance is draw away from where it truly belongs…on her. When I asked what they do with all this time, she explained that they go from party to party and he does what she calls "the Momus show" and all the while she stands quietly behind him…occasionally feeding him a funny line to add. Then they move on until in the end, they fall asleep in the chairs around the fire in his camp. I think she might be fibbing a bit about where exactly they fall asleep, but I am willing to over look that for the moment.
The sons of my love will be returning to her care in the morning. I am sure this will cause her to temper her behavior and her late nights out will have to become far less late.
I am looking forward to our trip home in two days time. Kendrah needs to do laundry and more shopping for the belly kitchen larder. Usually this trip is made with the future Queen, but this year it will be just the two of us. It will be lovely.
August 1, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
I have, in my time, fought great battles at Helm’s Deep and the Black Gates. I have traveled the dreaded Mines of Moria and run for days on end in search of missing Hobbits. But I can not for the life of me keep track of this woman. I have no idea what time Kendrah returned last night, nor do I know when she left. I went for a stroll among the trees at dusk and when I returned, she was gone. I decided that waiting for her return was pointless so I went to the solace of the trees. When I returned this morning she was here, awake, showered and in the company of her children. Kathryn and Arwen (a lovely child, not the evil elf who stalks our King) had returned for the remainder of Pennsic. The children were playing and Kendrah was yet again reading….not doing the dishes!
I waited several hours and my horror continued to rise…. She knows the penalty for breaking a vow yet she sat there reading for several hours. Finally when I could stand it no longer, I made mention of it. She admitted her folly and immediately washed all the offending dishes. Valar be praised, the vow was not broken. Now if only I could get her to make to me a marriage vow, I know that she would never break it. Perhaps I should begin that chant again….I know how much she loves it.
Maggie, mother to my beloved, is an enabler. I am sure she knows how unhealthy it is for K to continue with this staying out all night behavior. I am also sure that even though she too enjoys the company of the loud one, she cannot approve of all the time K spends with him. Yet even with all that, she has told K that she can go out tonight and that she will act as caregiver to the children should they awaken in the night. Have they all lost their minds?!?
August 2, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
This is just too much. Today, K and I were to away to Conneaut to do laundry and shopping. I arrived back from my morning time in the woods to find that she had left without me. This is not the outrage that it could have been. I know that she has to actually travel in this reality and that time is important. I know that she knows that I can "catch her up" while she is enroute. This is what I did. I "popped" , as she calls it, into the van….I was a bit confused for a moment when I found myself in the back seat. Then I say why. There, in the front seat of the van, was the Loud One!!!! Also, the strangeness of the "Jesus radio" station they were listening to. I waited to see if she would notice me, but she was driving, listening to the radio and listening to the Loud One’s astonishment of the hate he was hearing from the radio (at least he knows hate-mongering when he hears it) and she did not notice me. I had no choice but to return to Pennsic. I will sit here, in the belly kitchen and formulate a plan to win back the affections of Kendrah…..
I sense that they are finally returning…although they are still a way off. I have yet to finish weighing all of my options, so I have enlisted the help of the King. He did not return to the world with Corwynne and instead has been making himself useful around the camp. He and the future Queen have been having relationship issues of late and I am sure that he will be able to advise me. His love returns on the morrow…most likely in the late afternoon or evening and has offered to help me prior to her return. Until then I am to stay out of site and the King will discover what he can of the trip my love took without me.
August 3, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
The King, always the early riser, has met with me in my favorite spot in the woods. It is a corps of trees near the camp. I can see the belly kitchen and keep an eye on the sons and Arwen while the track unicorns. It is a lovely spot, where if I were to loose my love and still feel drawn to this reality from time to time I would make my home.
The King, while always a true and loyal friend, seems to think that the fact that a man from this reality, with physical form and all that goes with it, went with Kendrah is a good thing. Apparently K has been remiss in her eating habits since arriving at Pennsic. When Kendrah and the Loud One had lunch yesterday afternoon, it did crazy things to her blood sugar. I do not know what this means, and I suspect poisoning. It appears that this problem with blood sugar cause K to become disorientated while in the store, and if it had only been me with her, I would not have been able to help. My knowledge of antidotes to poisons not being as acute as the possible poisoner’s….he suggested a "Snickers bar" and that seems to have cured her. Up until the point that she took the cure, however, she was terribly confused and easily distracted from her task…according to the King, K claims that she would still be wandering around the store if it had not been for the Loud One.
The rest of the story seems innocent enough. The reason they were so late in returning was that immediately upon entering her home, both she and the loud one fell asleep on the couch. Causing them to be several hours behind in the laundry. Then lunch took longer than anticipated due to the affection that the Loud One had for the restaurant to which Kendrah was kind enough to take him to. All of that coupled with the blood sugar poisoning incident, their trip was protracted.
I asked the King if my lady had asked about my whereabouts. He did not take any pleasure in telling me that she did not. But was quick to remind me that after so many Pennsics where she did not see me for days on end for my love of the trees, that it was wrong to assume that she did not care, that instead, she must have assumed that I could no longer resist their sirens call. I hope that he is right.
I watched the camp most of the night. Kendrah could be seen frequently. Her mother could not take over the care of the children, so K must have decided to go with her 30 minute plan. She stays close to camp, and returns every thirty minutes or so to check on the children. It seems a reasonable plan, considering neither of the children have awoken at Pennsic in several years. I would prefer that she stay in camp though, but I cannot lie and say it is for the children. She has yet to return for the night but I expect to see her soon.
I have spoken with the King some more today…although the future Queen and her brother have returned and I expect no more time will be given to this old elf and his problems. We discussed it and even though he feels that I am wrong about my lady’s love of the Dwell with Me chant, I have decided to institute it on a scale not yet seen.
Tonight it will begin. I know that Sam, brother of the future Queen is going to be accompanying the Loud One for the evening and that K will be keeping score at the Chalkman’s annual music competition. This is a perfect opportunity. I will summon all my telepathic strength and throughout the competition I will make it so, instead of hearing the contestant, which she doesn’t really enjoy anyway, she will only hear me, compelling her to Dwell With Me and only me.
I am sure that after her duties are completed at the competition, she will search me out. I also know that this endeavor will use a lot of my strength and I will need to rest. So I will retreat to my spot in the woods and let her search for me a bit longer than I might usually. This is not a punishment, but will help reinforce her love for me.

The Leggs Lament Part I

My Dearest Corwynne,

Yes, another Pennsic come and gone. I am not so much in the Post Pennsic Funk as last year, but it is still there. It was very bad last week because with the scheduling change, in my mind, we should have still been there. But now that we would have been home anyway, I am doing much better...or should I say I was doing much better. I was just cleaning out Leggs' rubbermaid and I came across his Pennsic writings. I just don't know what to say. I will post them here over the next few days...perhaps longer, because once he gets going he gets very longwinded. Perhaps you will have some advice on if I should try to make things better between us or if it is time to let go.

I know, not exactly the kind of letter to help ease the depression, but it's all I've got. Please find the first part of Leggs' Pennsic journal below, and tell me what to do!

Your affectionate friend,

July 27, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
Today, Kendrah and I are embarking on a new experience for me. Whereas I have attended several Pennsics in the past, this will be my first experience with the magical process called "Land Grab". Kendrah assures me that the night prior to this occurrence is very fun. That there are many tailgate-like (I am excited to find out what this means) parties, and that running into people unexpectedly is always entertaining. I do not doubt her, for she is always right. As we are driving towards Cooper’s Lake, my anticipation of the time we will be able to spend together grows.
We arrived about a half an hour ago and my hopes of time with my love have already been dashed a bit. We made it through Troll together and parked the car. But Kendrah’s father and a man who drove up in loincloth have monopolized all of her attention. She has expressed an interest in finding a group called the Chalkman. I have heard many stories of her friends within this group, but my past years at Pennsic have been spent in other pursuits. I can only hope that if they can sense my presence that they are open to it and that none of them have an interest in taking up more of K’s time than I feel is appropriate. I must stop writing now as it has started to rain and K, her father and the loincloth man (I have been told his name is D’ner) must be about to return to the van.
July 28, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
2:41 am
The rains came. And the trio I awaited did in fact return, but only for a moment. K retrieved an umbrella and returned to her search. She said that I was welcome to come along, but I feel that I might be much better suited to the company of the trees. I will fight this, but for tonight I will simply await her return…which must be soon, as it is so very late.
Finally, K has returned. I can only take solace in the knowledge, that as a human, there is no way she can keep up this pace for all of Pennsic. I am sure that tomorrow night we will retire early and fall neatly into a routine of time spent together, discussing trees and other living things.
K had her cell phone alarm set so that she and her father would not be late for the land grab festivities. I was hoping that it would be a battle to the death for each parcel of land, but she has informed me that it is all done on paper. Perhaps Pennsic isn’t for me.
7:45 am
I am sure that as Pennsic goes on I will write less and less, but so many things keep coming up and shocking me. K has a friend who is heavy with child. So much so that the child is expected this week. This friend has just arrived here. This would not shock me in my world. Woman heavy with child work in the fields until the child actually emerges from her body, but in this reality that is frowned upon. I commend this woman and her bravery and fortitude. She knows what is most important to her…the health and well being of her child, but when it became clear to her that it was in no danger she fought through discomfort and unapproving stares to be with the people she loved.
9:11 am
The land grab process is a huge disappointment. About 200 people standing around waiting for the late arrivals. Much to my dismay, K has wandered off with a man. I believe he is the loud one who she spent so much time with last year. I must have faith though. I am sure she has gone off with him in order to spare him some embarrassment when she tells him that she is here with me and will be unable to accompany him on any outing this year. Yes, I am sure that is what it is.
11 am
Land Grab is complete and we have begun setting up the Silver Phoenix encampment. I must have been correct in my last entry. The loud one, who is called Momus, and my lady are in very close proximity to one another, but they aren’t speaking or even paying any attention to one another. I am sure she has told him where her heart truly lies. I feel badly for him. But he is standing up to the pain with a strength I don’t think I would have if I had lost her. I wish him all the best in his future life devoid of Kendrah.
July 29, 2007 by reality's reckoning
Kendrah never ceases to amaze me. After the camp set up was finished for the day, I expected that we would have our evening meal and retire for the night. K had other ideas. She ate and then walked the half mile to the showers. When she returned, we went for a stroll around the lake. Considering that this is ¾ of a mile, I expected that this would do her in, but it did not. We walked up to the Chalkman Pub where she sat at the fire with a man named Geoff. I enjoyed this man greatly. He has genuine affection for Kendrah, but no romantic inclinations at all. This is the type of man that she should spend all of her time in reality with.
After some time, Geoff introduced K to a man named Furgel. This has turned out to be a bad thing. Furgel was excited to discover that K knows a woman he desired to see. K, never wanting to impose upon people, took Furgel to the Silver Phoenix camp and went to get this woman. When they returned they had two men with them….the loud one and a man who looks like the travelocity gnome from the palantir box. Furgel has proven to be a most unwelcome guest and now that he is gone, the loud one has take all the attention of those gathered. I am sitting waiting in the tent and everyone is laughing and talking and no one is screaming about how he should go home. These humans will forever confuse me!!
8:30 am
This pace cannot continue. They are just humans and it is not possible that they can continue with this much drinking and this small amount of sleep. Soon I am sure that the heat, drink, and lack of sleep will takes it’s toll and they all will slip into comas. Anyway, they all have been up and working on the completion of the camp for some time now. It does not seem to matter that most went to bed just 4 hours ago and that my own Kendrah did not return from her stroll around the lake until almost 530. They are all working cheerfully as if they have just awoken from a night full of rest. Sam, brother to the future Queen, is proving himself to be a wonderful help to all who need it. We certainly could have used him in the early days of the settlement. He has also declared himself to be some sort of unofficial score keeper. He declared Silver Phoenix the "winner" for both Saturday and Sunday. I don’t really know what he is talking about but I have always enjoyed being on the winning side of any fight. Go Silver Phoenix!!!!
A lot of work was done today. The camp and Kendrah’s beloved belly kitchen are mostly in order. Many of the members of camp have gone back to their homes to return throughout the week. I am sure that this will give Kendrah and myself more time together. I have been giving it much thought and I am certain that once the novelty of seeing her friends wears off, she will be happy to sit with me and discuss the things that are important. The trees here are so lovely and I have not yet seen any gypsy moth nests, so I am happy to say that I think they will continue to be so for many years to come.
Several hours ago, Kendrah wander off with two gentlemen. Lysak and Reagan. Lysak is a friend she has known for many years and she is good friends with his girlfriend Vendela. Reagan is a man of the cloth and therefore, there is no risk there. I feel good about her spending time with these men, and I am sure she will be in at a reasonable hour tonight.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Post Pennsic Funk

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, it's over. Another Pennsic come and gone and the funk has set in. I finished all the muddy laundry and thought "Aw! Now I have to put everything away and Pennsic is really, truly over!" That's not right, Mellon Nin! The end of laundry usually signals great rejoicing! I even washed all the mud off the leftover bottles of diet Pepsi! I have one gown that requires hand washing and I keep avoiding it, because it's the last piece of garb I haven't packed! I haven't mopped the kitchen floor because there's Cooper's mud and grass on it. Sure, I keep telling myself it's senseless to mop before Summerland this weekend because I'll just be tracking in more mud and grass, but I suspect that's just an excuse. Sigh...

In any case, Pennsic was fantastic. Sam ( the Smart-Ass Time-Keeping Friar, not the Hobbit) had a great time and it was fun to have him there! I guess making plans with Momus his first night on site helped ease him into the whole experience. And I learned that he is not a fop. No store-bought Ren-Faire garb for Sam! Which is cool. I can make monk robes and early period garb with no problem at all! Now we just have to get Chris! (Who will probably want to be a Samurai or something equally complicated!)

On a happier note, it the King and I are doing much better now. I think our week away from The Doctor and the temptation of DVDs helped immensely. You may have noticed how very attentive he was the whole time we were there. He even slept in my tent instead of roughing it under a picnic table wrapped in his sexy leather coat! Of course, I don't know what kind of mischief he got himself into that first week while I was stuck at precollege, but better not to know perhaps. Things are still good now that we're home. We've been spending a lot more time together, him hanging out while I pack away gear and me traipsing off to the White City when duty calls. He may even pop over to Summerland for a bit to see the band on Saturday night. That would be very sweet. You know how he doesn't usually go in for heathen displays!

Well, I must dash. I apologize for the relative incoherence of this note. On top of everything, I locked my keys in my house, so I have to hope Jan is around when I get home so I can get her keys! Arrgh!

I hope to fill you in on more details of Pennsic etc once I return from the fest this weekend. For now, the grief is still too near...

Your Affectionate Friend,