Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Leggs Lament Part I

My Dearest Corwynne,

Yes, another Pennsic come and gone. I am not so much in the Post Pennsic Funk as last year, but it is still there. It was very bad last week because with the scheduling change, in my mind, we should have still been there. But now that we would have been home anyway, I am doing much better...or should I say I was doing much better. I was just cleaning out Leggs' rubbermaid and I came across his Pennsic writings. I just don't know what to say. I will post them here over the next few days...perhaps longer, because once he gets going he gets very longwinded. Perhaps you will have some advice on if I should try to make things better between us or if it is time to let go.

I know, not exactly the kind of letter to help ease the depression, but it's all I've got. Please find the first part of Leggs' Pennsic journal below, and tell me what to do!

Your affectionate friend,

July 27, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
Today, Kendrah and I are embarking on a new experience for me. Whereas I have attended several Pennsics in the past, this will be my first experience with the magical process called "Land Grab". Kendrah assures me that the night prior to this occurrence is very fun. That there are many tailgate-like (I am excited to find out what this means) parties, and that running into people unexpectedly is always entertaining. I do not doubt her, for she is always right. As we are driving towards Cooper’s Lake, my anticipation of the time we will be able to spend together grows.
We arrived about a half an hour ago and my hopes of time with my love have already been dashed a bit. We made it through Troll together and parked the car. But Kendrah’s father and a man who drove up in loincloth have monopolized all of her attention. She has expressed an interest in finding a group called the Chalkman. I have heard many stories of her friends within this group, but my past years at Pennsic have been spent in other pursuits. I can only hope that if they can sense my presence that they are open to it and that none of them have an interest in taking up more of K’s time than I feel is appropriate. I must stop writing now as it has started to rain and K, her father and the loincloth man (I have been told his name is D’ner) must be about to return to the van.
July 28, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
2:41 am
The rains came. And the trio I awaited did in fact return, but only for a moment. K retrieved an umbrella and returned to her search. She said that I was welcome to come along, but I feel that I might be much better suited to the company of the trees. I will fight this, but for tonight I will simply await her return…which must be soon, as it is so very late.
Finally, K has returned. I can only take solace in the knowledge, that as a human, there is no way she can keep up this pace for all of Pennsic. I am sure that tomorrow night we will retire early and fall neatly into a routine of time spent together, discussing trees and other living things.
K had her cell phone alarm set so that she and her father would not be late for the land grab festivities. I was hoping that it would be a battle to the death for each parcel of land, but she has informed me that it is all done on paper. Perhaps Pennsic isn’t for me.
7:45 am
I am sure that as Pennsic goes on I will write less and less, but so many things keep coming up and shocking me. K has a friend who is heavy with child. So much so that the child is expected this week. This friend has just arrived here. This would not shock me in my world. Woman heavy with child work in the fields until the child actually emerges from her body, but in this reality that is frowned upon. I commend this woman and her bravery and fortitude. She knows what is most important to her…the health and well being of her child, but when it became clear to her that it was in no danger she fought through discomfort and unapproving stares to be with the people she loved.
9:11 am
The land grab process is a huge disappointment. About 200 people standing around waiting for the late arrivals. Much to my dismay, K has wandered off with a man. I believe he is the loud one who she spent so much time with last year. I must have faith though. I am sure she has gone off with him in order to spare him some embarrassment when she tells him that she is here with me and will be unable to accompany him on any outing this year. Yes, I am sure that is what it is.
11 am
Land Grab is complete and we have begun setting up the Silver Phoenix encampment. I must have been correct in my last entry. The loud one, who is called Momus, and my lady are in very close proximity to one another, but they aren’t speaking or even paying any attention to one another. I am sure she has told him where her heart truly lies. I feel badly for him. But he is standing up to the pain with a strength I don’t think I would have if I had lost her. I wish him all the best in his future life devoid of Kendrah.
July 29, 2007 by reality's reckoning
Kendrah never ceases to amaze me. After the camp set up was finished for the day, I expected that we would have our evening meal and retire for the night. K had other ideas. She ate and then walked the half mile to the showers. When she returned, we went for a stroll around the lake. Considering that this is ¾ of a mile, I expected that this would do her in, but it did not. We walked up to the Chalkman Pub where she sat at the fire with a man named Geoff. I enjoyed this man greatly. He has genuine affection for Kendrah, but no romantic inclinations at all. This is the type of man that she should spend all of her time in reality with.
After some time, Geoff introduced K to a man named Furgel. This has turned out to be a bad thing. Furgel was excited to discover that K knows a woman he desired to see. K, never wanting to impose upon people, took Furgel to the Silver Phoenix camp and went to get this woman. When they returned they had two men with them….the loud one and a man who looks like the travelocity gnome from the palantir box. Furgel has proven to be a most unwelcome guest and now that he is gone, the loud one has take all the attention of those gathered. I am sitting waiting in the tent and everyone is laughing and talking and no one is screaming about how he should go home. These humans will forever confuse me!!
8:30 am
This pace cannot continue. They are just humans and it is not possible that they can continue with this much drinking and this small amount of sleep. Soon I am sure that the heat, drink, and lack of sleep will takes it’s toll and they all will slip into comas. Anyway, they all have been up and working on the completion of the camp for some time now. It does not seem to matter that most went to bed just 4 hours ago and that my own Kendrah did not return from her stroll around the lake until almost 530. They are all working cheerfully as if they have just awoken from a night full of rest. Sam, brother to the future Queen, is proving himself to be a wonderful help to all who need it. We certainly could have used him in the early days of the settlement. He has also declared himself to be some sort of unofficial score keeper. He declared Silver Phoenix the "winner" for both Saturday and Sunday. I don’t really know what he is talking about but I have always enjoyed being on the winning side of any fight. Go Silver Phoenix!!!!
A lot of work was done today. The camp and Kendrah’s beloved belly kitchen are mostly in order. Many of the members of camp have gone back to their homes to return throughout the week. I am sure that this will give Kendrah and myself more time together. I have been giving it much thought and I am certain that once the novelty of seeing her friends wears off, she will be happy to sit with me and discuss the things that are important. The trees here are so lovely and I have not yet seen any gypsy moth nests, so I am happy to say that I think they will continue to be so for many years to come.
Several hours ago, Kendrah wander off with two gentlemen. Lysak and Reagan. Lysak is a friend she has known for many years and she is good friends with his girlfriend Vendela. Reagan is a man of the cloth and therefore, there is no risk there. I feel good about her spending time with these men, and I am sure she will be in at a reasonable hour tonight.

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