Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Leggs Lament Part II

My Dearest Corwynne,

Just in an attempt to get this sordid tale out in the open as quickly as possible, I am sending off the next installment of Leggs' Pennsic writings.

There will be more to come as soon as possible.

Your affectionate friend,

July 30, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
1 pm
I am beginning to think that I am wrong about the stamina of these Pennsic folk. Kendrah returned from her evening out with Lysak and Reagan with very few stories of their adventures at 6 am. She seems to have run into "some other friends" on her way back from her time with the viking and the monk.
I am glad to say that she has gotten a little bit of sleep. She slept from 6 until 10:30, which here qualifies her as lazy. Since she got up she has been in the belly kitchen reading the latest Harry Potter book. It is so fun just to watch her. Every few pages her eyes open wide and her jaw drops. Then she will find her father, announce a page number and what number death can be found there. She has been most shocked by how quickly they started (the deaths) and how matter of fact they are dolled out. I told her that death is matter of fact….one moment it is not there and then it is, no matter what fanfare is placed before it. For this I received one of her trademark eyerolls. She does not like to be referred to as cute, but when she rolls her eyes there is no other word for it, in English or Elvish. Cute.
K is still reading. I have decided to take this time to spend tonight among the trees. I am certain that this is the night to do this. K could not possibly be planning to go out at this late stage. I am sure she will read for a few more hours and then stumble into bed. I plan to be back before she even notices I am gone. That way she will have no ammunition in her little game of "You were at Pennsic? I didn’t see you there."
July 31, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
I have just returned from communing with the trees and the small woodland animals, to discover both the tent and belly kitchen empty. On the chair where I left Kendrah last night, the Harry Potter book sits. I cannot believe that she went out again. She is going to kill herself with this lack of sleep. I can only hope that since she will be getting her children back in her care tomorrow that she plans an early night tonight. I may have to suggest it, since she seems to have lost all sense of propriety. If she stays away much longer he parents are sure to think that she is spending the nights in the company of another man and that will do little for her reputation….I think I sense her returning….More later.
Kendrah’s return at 6am was amazingly followed by an hour more of reading Harry Potter. I could see her eyes drooping and yet she just kept reading. About twenty minutes ago, she succumbed to sleep, but only the Valar know how long she will allow that to continue.
Kendrah’s nap lasted for a few hours. Then she was once again awake and reading. The few breaks she took were to vow that the dishes would be done by tomorrow (luckily she knows the consequences of vow breaking) and to apply sunblock to the loincloth man. Having spent more time in the company of Kendrah’s camp mates this year, I have discovered that my uneasy about the attentions of the loincloth man towards my Kendrah is unwarranted. There is no other man at Cooper’s who could be less interested in stealing my love away….He, D’ner, is a kind and loving man and a wonderful influence on Kendrah. They should spend much more time together.
Having noticed that the vow to have the dishes done by tomorrow has gone unfulfilled, I took this opportunity to speak to Kendrah about her plans and activities over the past few days. Never being one to lie to me, she has admitted that the majority of her evening excursions have ended with her in the company of the Loud One. I do not understand why she would want to spend all her free time with such a man. He draws so much attention with his jokes, stories and songs that the attention of those in attendance is draw away from where it truly belongs…on her. When I asked what they do with all this time, she explained that they go from party to party and he does what she calls "the Momus show" and all the while she stands quietly behind him…occasionally feeding him a funny line to add. Then they move on until in the end, they fall asleep in the chairs around the fire in his camp. I think she might be fibbing a bit about where exactly they fall asleep, but I am willing to over look that for the moment.
The sons of my love will be returning to her care in the morning. I am sure this will cause her to temper her behavior and her late nights out will have to become far less late.
I am looking forward to our trip home in two days time. Kendrah needs to do laundry and more shopping for the belly kitchen larder. Usually this trip is made with the future Queen, but this year it will be just the two of us. It will be lovely.
August 1, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
I have, in my time, fought great battles at Helm’s Deep and the Black Gates. I have traveled the dreaded Mines of Moria and run for days on end in search of missing Hobbits. But I can not for the life of me keep track of this woman. I have no idea what time Kendrah returned last night, nor do I know when she left. I went for a stroll among the trees at dusk and when I returned, she was gone. I decided that waiting for her return was pointless so I went to the solace of the trees. When I returned this morning she was here, awake, showered and in the company of her children. Kathryn and Arwen (a lovely child, not the evil elf who stalks our King) had returned for the remainder of Pennsic. The children were playing and Kendrah was yet again reading….not doing the dishes!
I waited several hours and my horror continued to rise…. She knows the penalty for breaking a vow yet she sat there reading for several hours. Finally when I could stand it no longer, I made mention of it. She admitted her folly and immediately washed all the offending dishes. Valar be praised, the vow was not broken. Now if only I could get her to make to me a marriage vow, I know that she would never break it. Perhaps I should begin that chant again….I know how much she loves it.
Maggie, mother to my beloved, is an enabler. I am sure she knows how unhealthy it is for K to continue with this staying out all night behavior. I am also sure that even though she too enjoys the company of the loud one, she cannot approve of all the time K spends with him. Yet even with all that, she has told K that she can go out tonight and that she will act as caregiver to the children should they awaken in the night. Have they all lost their minds?!?
August 2, 2007 by reality’s reckoning
This is just too much. Today, K and I were to away to Conneaut to do laundry and shopping. I arrived back from my morning time in the woods to find that she had left without me. This is not the outrage that it could have been. I know that she has to actually travel in this reality and that time is important. I know that she knows that I can "catch her up" while she is enroute. This is what I did. I "popped" , as she calls it, into the van….I was a bit confused for a moment when I found myself in the back seat. Then I say why. There, in the front seat of the van, was the Loud One!!!! Also, the strangeness of the "Jesus radio" station they were listening to. I waited to see if she would notice me, but she was driving, listening to the radio and listening to the Loud One’s astonishment of the hate he was hearing from the radio (at least he knows hate-mongering when he hears it) and she did not notice me. I had no choice but to return to Pennsic. I will sit here, in the belly kitchen and formulate a plan to win back the affections of Kendrah…..
I sense that they are finally returning…although they are still a way off. I have yet to finish weighing all of my options, so I have enlisted the help of the King. He did not return to the world with Corwynne and instead has been making himself useful around the camp. He and the future Queen have been having relationship issues of late and I am sure that he will be able to advise me. His love returns on the morrow…most likely in the late afternoon or evening and has offered to help me prior to her return. Until then I am to stay out of site and the King will discover what he can of the trip my love took without me.
August 3, 2007 by reality’s reckoning.
The King, always the early riser, has met with me in my favorite spot in the woods. It is a corps of trees near the camp. I can see the belly kitchen and keep an eye on the sons and Arwen while the track unicorns. It is a lovely spot, where if I were to loose my love and still feel drawn to this reality from time to time I would make my home.
The King, while always a true and loyal friend, seems to think that the fact that a man from this reality, with physical form and all that goes with it, went with Kendrah is a good thing. Apparently K has been remiss in her eating habits since arriving at Pennsic. When Kendrah and the Loud One had lunch yesterday afternoon, it did crazy things to her blood sugar. I do not know what this means, and I suspect poisoning. It appears that this problem with blood sugar cause K to become disorientated while in the store, and if it had only been me with her, I would not have been able to help. My knowledge of antidotes to poisons not being as acute as the possible poisoner’s….he suggested a "Snickers bar" and that seems to have cured her. Up until the point that she took the cure, however, she was terribly confused and easily distracted from her task…according to the King, K claims that she would still be wandering around the store if it had not been for the Loud One.
The rest of the story seems innocent enough. The reason they were so late in returning was that immediately upon entering her home, both she and the loud one fell asleep on the couch. Causing them to be several hours behind in the laundry. Then lunch took longer than anticipated due to the affection that the Loud One had for the restaurant to which Kendrah was kind enough to take him to. All of that coupled with the blood sugar poisoning incident, their trip was protracted.
I asked the King if my lady had asked about my whereabouts. He did not take any pleasure in telling me that she did not. But was quick to remind me that after so many Pennsics where she did not see me for days on end for my love of the trees, that it was wrong to assume that she did not care, that instead, she must have assumed that I could no longer resist their sirens call. I hope that he is right.
I watched the camp most of the night. Kendrah could be seen frequently. Her mother could not take over the care of the children, so K must have decided to go with her 30 minute plan. She stays close to camp, and returns every thirty minutes or so to check on the children. It seems a reasonable plan, considering neither of the children have awoken at Pennsic in several years. I would prefer that she stay in camp though, but I cannot lie and say it is for the children. She has yet to return for the night but I expect to see her soon.
I have spoken with the King some more today…although the future Queen and her brother have returned and I expect no more time will be given to this old elf and his problems. We discussed it and even though he feels that I am wrong about my lady’s love of the Dwell with Me chant, I have decided to institute it on a scale not yet seen.
Tonight it will begin. I know that Sam, brother of the future Queen is going to be accompanying the Loud One for the evening and that K will be keeping score at the Chalkman’s annual music competition. This is a perfect opportunity. I will summon all my telepathic strength and throughout the competition I will make it so, instead of hearing the contestant, which she doesn’t really enjoy anyway, she will only hear me, compelling her to Dwell With Me and only me.
I am sure that after her duties are completed at the competition, she will search me out. I also know that this endeavor will use a lot of my strength and I will need to rest. So I will retreat to my spot in the woods and let her search for me a bit longer than I might usually. This is not a punishment, but will help reinforce her love for me.

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