Friday, June 30, 2006


My Dearest Corwynne,

I am happy to report that today I passed my licensing exam. This was truly a miracle considering the obstacles that were put in my way. I had a an early meeting for planning a summit seminar for next year, cause you know we don't have a full year to plan and must do this now. My test was scheduled for noon so I had to scurry. Once I was at the testing center, settled in to take the test Leggs popped in, because we needed to spend quality time together. I tried to quietly explain that the test was something that I need to do alone and that our talking was disturbing the others. Finally, he understood and said that he would just sit quietly nearby.

The silence was broken by his terror filled yelp. He saw my photo popped up on the computer screen and his rant began. "The evil one has taken my beloved's face!" "This cannot be!" "He has besmirched her image." I try to explain that it is a security measure to have my picture on my palantir box. This caused the mumbling about the good old days and that a few woodland elves with stout bows had equaled security. He was not pleased when I mentioned that is how they lost Gollum. With an annoyed look (a slight squint of the eyes) he left and I got to take the rest of the test in peace. I am sure he will be fine given time. It will help that the men of the summit will be talking hunting and orc hunting all night. That always lifts his spirits.

Luckily TV-boyfriend understand computer and testing, plus it was daytime, so he did not make an appearance. He is hoping that we can celebrate with whisky and an onion blossom some time this weekend, but I have several summit seminars to attend so I don't know if I will have time.

Hope all is well in the White City and that you are enjoying the Summit as much as I am.....

Your affectionate friend,

Saturday, June 24, 2006


My Dearest Kendrah,

I hope my letter finds you well. I, as you know am deeply embroiled in the Middle Earth Peace Summit as well as the opening weekend of PreCollege. I am pleased to report that both seem to be going smoothly.

Last night’s opening ceremonies went very well. Mithrandir can always be counted on to awe the “Lesser Men” with his fireworks. Thanks to the Gondor Veterans’ Rehabilitation Project, we were able to provide beautiful chairs that met the seating requirements of our smaller-stature guests. I must remember to send Gimli a thank you gift for reminding me of the special needs of our shorter kindred.

This morning’s opening presentation by folks from the Settlement was well received. Apparently your spin doctors were able cover-up that attempted lynching. I had to pop over to run my pre college faculty meeting but made it back in time to catch most of Mayor Gamgee’s update on the Habitat for Hobbits program. Several Southron ambassadors hope to start a similar project in their homeland. Then I was back to Pgh for student orientation meetings. When I leave tonight, I’ll be hosting a dinner for the wives, consorts, etc. of the ambassadors. I suspect the men are retiring to Elessar’s study to smoke pipeweed, sip ale and eat imported pizzas. Fine with me. I’m just thrilled Gladders decided to sit this summit out and let Celeborn come by himself. He’s so much amusing when he’s unattached. I’m stuck with Eowyn, but she’s promised to be on her best behavior.

Well, I need to finish the dance placement audition sheets so I can make it back to the White City in time to change for dinner. I may be out of touch for the next week or so until I can get the summit and my teenagers all straightened out. Say a prayer to Elbereth for me!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Monday, June 12, 2006

Long Time

My Dearest Corwynne,

I just realized how long it has been since I have written. There has been so much going on, what with work and getting ready for the Middle Earth Peace Summit, I have hardly had a free moment.

THe plans for the seminar which will be lead by the senior memebers of the settlement are finally coming together. The biggest debate was what to call it. I thought that "Hey, can't we all get along" was the best choice since it seems to be the phrase of choice in these parts. However I was out voted and the title is "How to Live in Peace and Harmony with Beings of Other Races"

I think that attendees will be disappointed since those giving the seminar have yet to achieve their lofty goal. Especially since they nearly lynched TV-Boyfriend when he came for a visit. We weren't surprised or anything, you know...evil, but to try to lynch someone and then talk about teaching others to be tolerant two days late just seemed like too much.

Still they talk a good game and I am sure we will suss out a way to make it work. Speaking of work, it is time for me to get there.

Hope all is well in the White City.

Your Affectionate Friend,