Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like Sweating Sickness

My Dearest Corwynne,

I decided to wait for the full outcome of your story before replying. I figure it is always good to get the whole story before saying anything in order to avoid needing seasoning for one's foot. My original feelings about the King's behavior about DT doctor would have been seen as unkind and could have made things awkward at our next meeting, and I am glad that I waited.

I am also glad, nay, overjoyed that the King has seen the error of his ways. Jealous is not a good quality in a movie boyfriend. Especially when that movie boyfriend understands from wence he came. If you were dating Garth from Wayne's World, I would not expect him to understand where he has come from. But the King has proven time and again that he understands the ins and outs of reality jumping and therefore should also understand the difficulties a woman in reality must face when dating someone from fantasy. It is good that his mind has won out over petty emotions.

That, and I love having DT doctor around. As you know, I am a big fan of his...not as big as you, of course, but from time to time there are moments when I regret not grabbing him up first. But it is truly better that he and I remain friends...I am much better in the Donna role as opposed to Rose or Martha, it just works better for us.

I know that the past few months will be difficult for the future historians of Middle Earth, but I think it will be a welcome one. Much like our long conversations debating what the sweating sickness really was, or whether or not Giaus Baltar is evil, I think they will enjoy the chance for debate amid all the facts. It will give new life to their studies, if fact I think we should consider having one of the Sons (mine, not Elrond's) damage some of the records here and there upon our deaths, just to throw some mystery out there. I am sure that Mithrandir would not approve, but I think we should jazz it up a bit.

Anyway, we have had a pretty quiet summer in the settlement. I have not found any writings of Leggs from Pennsic this year. I suspect he knows that I forwarded it on to you last year. I hope that the King had something to say.

We are looking forward to seeing you next month for Samhain...I have to make something for that....eeeks!

Your affectionate friend,

*all characters from alternate realities other than reality itself and the main fantasy world contained herein were used with the permission of the trans-reality agency.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Saga continues

My Dearest Kendrah,

Apologies for taking so long to continue my story! I know you (and the eager bards and minstrels) are dying for the rest of the story. In the new-found spirit of reconciliation, I’ve been spending a great deal of time in Minis Tirith being a dutiful consort and haven't had much time to write.

As you can imagine, my outburst to the King did not go over well. Still muttering grimly about the Doctor’s lack of beard he stomped into the bedroom, dragged Anduril from its resting place under the bed (next to the exercise machine I STILL haven’t set up) and announced that he thought we should take a “break.” Well, that was just fine with me. I’m tired of his petty jealousies! Do I complain when he, Faramir and Eomer go off for weeks on one of their “boy’s hunting vacations”? Did I reprimand him when I found the naughty diary entries Boromir left in his journal? Did I complain when he found a way around the web filter and started Google image searching Liv Tyler? No! I did not! So it was decided that I spend my summer dealing with precollege and he would stay in the White City and we could both have “space” to decide where we wanted the relationship to go.

Now, we’ve spent time apart before and no one ever raised a carefully-groomed eyebrow, but apparently this time, the minions of the City knew something was up. Maybe it was lingering trauma over the recent Celeborn/Galadriel fallout but suddenly everyone and his sister-son in Middle Earth knew there was an ISSUE. Oddly enough, Eowyn appeared to be on my side and stayed in touch. (I guess she figured that she knew a thing or two about forbidden love!) Anyway, you may have seen what some of the gossip rags were insinuating! There was the rumor that I was pregnant and insisting on having the baby in a reality hospital. The midwives in the Housing of Healing were pissed about that one! There the theory that I had gone to live with the Elves. (Nice thought!) and my favorite…I was secretly an agent of the Dark Lord and had run off to the Easterlings carrying with me the defense secrets of all of Gondor! (Like they needed MY help to make a mess of the Gondor! We're still cleaning up after their last invasion!)

The King did nothing to dispel any of the rumors. Apparently royal pride wouldn’t allow him to tell any reputable reporter the truth, so it was easier to let folks speculate. Things turned around when word of the Break reached Rivendell. While I was busy trying to get precollege over with and packing for Pennsic, Eowyn sent a Rider to tell me that the King had been summoned by Lord Elrond and that he had departed for Imladris with all due haste. Most folks assumed it was new Orc colony in need of smiting or that Elrond had finally decided to make the King get all his crap out of his old bedroom. As it turns out, Elrond was most displeased to learn of our spat. Word that the King might once again be the most eligible bachelor in Arda set off quite a flurry of concern. Seems his lordship was sure that the King might try and get back together with his old girlfriend the She-elf Who Shall Not Be Named. This was not acceptable.

I don’t what Elrond said to him, but Aragorn showed up Sunday night at Pennsic with a bouquet of elanor and apologized! Privately, of course. No sense everyone knowing what had been going on. Our cover story that he came to Pennsic late because of pressing matters back home seemed to satisfy everyone at the time. Of course, most of them were drunk…Anyhoo…The King has promised to be less scornful of beardless Time Lords and I have promised to be less enthusiastic (at least around him) of the Doctor’s (many) virtues and all is well again. I think he finally understands that TV boyfriends may come and go, but movie boyfriends are forever. (And I showed him some Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell episodes and he felt much better about himself.)

So there it is…a simple lover’s quarrel that worked out okay in the end. I don’t think the King is used to happy endings!

More soon, but I promised Eowyn I’d show her a few David Tennant episode so she could see what all the fuss was about. Let’s hope Faramir takes it better than the King!

Your Affectionate Friend,