Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like Sweating Sickness

My Dearest Corwynne,

I decided to wait for the full outcome of your story before replying. I figure it is always good to get the whole story before saying anything in order to avoid needing seasoning for one's foot. My original feelings about the King's behavior about DT doctor would have been seen as unkind and could have made things awkward at our next meeting, and I am glad that I waited.

I am also glad, nay, overjoyed that the King has seen the error of his ways. Jealous is not a good quality in a movie boyfriend. Especially when that movie boyfriend understands from wence he came. If you were dating Garth from Wayne's World, I would not expect him to understand where he has come from. But the King has proven time and again that he understands the ins and outs of reality jumping and therefore should also understand the difficulties a woman in reality must face when dating someone from fantasy. It is good that his mind has won out over petty emotions.

That, and I love having DT doctor around. As you know, I am a big fan of his...not as big as you, of course, but from time to time there are moments when I regret not grabbing him up first. But it is truly better that he and I remain friends...I am much better in the Donna role as opposed to Rose or Martha, it just works better for us.

I know that the past few months will be difficult for the future historians of Middle Earth, but I think it will be a welcome one. Much like our long conversations debating what the sweating sickness really was, or whether or not Giaus Baltar is evil, I think they will enjoy the chance for debate amid all the facts. It will give new life to their studies, if fact I think we should consider having one of the Sons (mine, not Elrond's) damage some of the records here and there upon our deaths, just to throw some mystery out there. I am sure that Mithrandir would not approve, but I think we should jazz it up a bit.

Anyway, we have had a pretty quiet summer in the settlement. I have not found any writings of Leggs from Pennsic this year. I suspect he knows that I forwarded it on to you last year. I hope that the King had something to say.

We are looking forward to seeing you next month for Samhain...I have to make something for that....eeeks!

Your affectionate friend,

*all characters from alternate realities other than reality itself and the main fantasy world contained herein were used with the permission of the trans-reality agency.

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