Thursday, December 25, 2008


My dearest Corywnne,

Merry Christmas! It was quite a morning here. The ex was here for the festivities as he is each year, but this year Leggs was far more perturbed about it. He understands that it is best for the children that we do the "celebrate of the birth of the child that doesn't exist" together, or at least he says he does. His actions do not bare that out.

The ex goes into the kitchen to refill his coffee and Leggs is right there behind him, I opted to stay in the living room. So Leggs begins yelling out each thing he touches.

"He's opening the silverware drawer!"
"Now he is messing with the glasses!!"
"He's washing the french press, and you just know he won't empty the sink catch!!!"

He was right of course, but I hardly think it was worthy of a running commentary...unless it included Dom and Billy...cause then I am sure it would have been amusing.

Anyway, the children were very pleased with their gifts from "the red-suited pipe smoking man who doesn't exist", and are off to spend the weekend with their father. I am off for a nap before the settlements first annual (gods help me)red-suited man party. I wish the would consult me, even when they are trying to surprise me.

Hope you are enjoying North Carolina and the new baby.

Your affectionate friend,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fa la la la la

My Dearest Kendrah,

The King and were both terribly shocked and concerned to hear about Cam. I was glad to see his post on the Pennsic group. He seems to be in good spirits and we hope, well on his way to recovery. The King does not seem to have the same issues Leggs does when dealing with human illness. Quite the opposite. He usually launches into a melancholy speech about the frailty of Men and how much better things were in Numenor of Old. I tell him that's what happens when your mythic ancestors start worshippping the Dark Lord and then he gets kinda cranky. He consoles himself with a pipe (no egg or pickle), a glass of good scotch and some lament singing. Lament singing always cheers him up!!

In other news, you probably know by now that my brother's wife had her baby! The King feels we should consult a wizard on her destiny because of all the 11s and 7s at her birth, December 11, 11:07 am, 7 lbs, 7 oz. He finds it most strange that she is named for my mother and was born on my mother's birthday, 11 years after my mother passed away. He is certain this is an auspicious birth and is trying to get her on the waiting list for the famed Imladris PreSchool program. (apparently the list is VERY long.) He can't wait to meet her! Unfortunately, I don't know if my brother's wife is aware of our relationship. I suggested that he give me a day or two to get her comfortable with the idea of a non-reality brother-in-law before he pops in, arms laden with Yule gifts and siging Elvish lullabyes. He was a little miffed that I hadn't shared our relationship with my new sister-in-law, but I explained that they live in a far away land called North Carolina and that I have not met her yet myself. He agreed that informing one's family about an non-reality boyfriend (especially a royal one) is something that is best done face to face.

In other news, I'm busily shopping and preparing for the North Carolina trip. I think my shopping is finally complete, now all that's left is wrapping. I'm hoping the King will stick around and amuse the cats with bits of tinsel and jolly games of Trip the Ranger Down the basement stairs so I can rustle wrapping paper without fear, but you know how unhelpful he can be when there's work to be done. Still, it's shaping up to be a productive evening.

The Kings snuck off to do his Yule shopping on Saturday while Deana and I slaved away at cookie baking. Deana added a new treat to the cookie marathon this year...chocolate covered oreos! They are delightful! I let the King eat the broken ones, cuz that's the kind of sweetie I am :-)

We are very much looking forward to visiting with you and the Sons this holiday and hope to see Tom and Bill as well. We can make more concrete plans (as "concrete" as our "plans" ever are!) closer to your arrival.

Well, I must begin the wrapping...the sooner begun, the sooner done, or something like that. Perhaps I should get Bilbo to invent a new Old Saying for situations of this type. I do hope your cold is better and you are not too snowbound!

Your Affectionate Friend,