Monday, January 26, 2009

Catching Up

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, time certainly has flown and much has transpired since last I wrote.

First off, the King and are were deeply disappointed that you and the Sons did not make in for New Year's RR (Reality Reckoning) this season. Curse the slippery roads that caused your accident and the fateful damage to your Jeep's under-carriage! The King muttered darkly about the storms at Caradhras and fell voices on the air, but I was able to assure him (I think, anyway) that not all ill-fortunes are are contrived by evil and unfriendly things and it that is was simply an accident. We were both relieved that you were not injured.

Sam (my brother, not the Hobbit) and I had a lovely time in North Carolina. Mostly I held little Vivian, changed diapers and fed her whenever possible. As you know, two week old babies are just fun to's those sneaky hormones!!! My sister in law and I had fun dressing her up in all of her "Baby's First Christmas" outfits. It was most enjoyable just sitting around watching movies, looking at old family photos and chatting. The King decided against joining us. He thought that Chris and Yvonne would have their full without the introduction of an imaginary boyfriend, so he spent the holidays with Eomer. The Rohirrim always throw the best Yule parties.

Since you were unable to join us for New Year's Eve, I went to my friend Alaric's for eating, drinking and watching the ball drop. It was a lovely time. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning with a sore throat and stuffy head. I thought all was well and it was a simple cold until two days later when it was determined I did indeed have a horrible case of the Plague (or at least a nasty, nasty, flu)

The King, having determined years ago that his "healing hands" are most effective on diseases caused by the fell breath of the Dark Lord, decided he would be better off returning to the White City and not risking his royal health with a Reality Plague. He was probably right. Eru knows what effect one of our plagues might have on the native populations of ME! Since I was sleeping about 20 hours a day, waking only to drink tea or have some soup, I didn't miss him too much. I am glad to say I am now mostly recovered, but this particular plague has quite the staying power!

Work has already been busy this semester, with an opera last weekend, Playground this weekend, and a pile of shows opening the week after.February is quite a busy month for me, but March will slow down a bit before the end of term craziness of April.

The King and I are looking forward to your visit in February. The unopened gifts in my living room look so sad and lonely! The King is planning to stop our bardic circle that Friday night, and hope you can make it too. Did you realize the weekend we chose for our late-Christmas was Valentine's Day? Maybe I'll make a pink or something to add to the festivities. The King doesn't much go in for Valentine's Day, but the Sons might enjoy a holiday theme.

Well, I must be off. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your Affectionate Friend,