Monday, May 21, 2007

The Recent Unpleasentness

My Dearest Corwynne,

I am so glad that we have a written record of your birthday festivities. It will be a wonderful guide for the children of Gondor to use in the future when your birthday becomes a Gondorian National Holiday, as I am sure it will. They won't really understand why they are giving each other televisions, but I am sure they will find something to do with them.

I hope that you have recovered from War Practice, and have finally gotten warm. That WP weather is always a pitfall. But the company, especially this year, is always worth it. Leggs was half tempted to stay home to avoid some of the company, but we really luck out with their eventual absence. And he is thrilled to have partaken in the "fantasy" cheese spread and thought that it seemed very realistic...(like he would know!)

Another excellent part of WP was meeting with other groups that have heard independently of our current situation and feel, as we do, that we have been treated in a very unchivalrous manner. Of course we knew this, but it always nice to have independent confirmation. We do have such lovely friends.

Well, it is time to unpack the bags and carry on with the laundry. I hope you found the White City was able to carry on with out you for the weekend.

Your affectionate friend,

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Final Post Party Post

My Dearest Kendrah,

The Show from Hell is finally over and the semester will be soon, so I can catch up on my correspondence.

Back to reliving the glory days of my party...ah yes, those were good times...

I was very glad my Aunt Vista and Uncle Paul made it in and was delighted that Uncle Paul and Felicia hit it off so well. Just when I was convinced my family and friends would have nothing in common, surprise! Bonding over motorcycles!

Rating a ballroom (even a junior one) was pretty impressive. The massive Italian cookie trays that Deana arranged provided plenty of leftovers for folks to wrap in napkins and smuggle out of the hall in their purses. The cake was delicious. Actually, all of the food was really good, not just "good for hotel food." And the buffet was lovely...beef, chicken and tortellini along with salad and veggies. Yummy! And whatever the pink sparkling wine was that we had for toasts was terrific! I wish we had remembered to ask that super nice bartender what it was.

It was fun opening presents there. Logan and Mai were very helpful with tearing paper off of boxes and Brennan and Arwen were great at picking up the wrapping scraps. Brennan and Arwen were very helpful all night, setting the favors around, picking up trash...

I think it was the heels more than the exhaustion that made the polka more difficult than it should have been. Doing the Chicken dance with Mai, Logan and Eric and Kathryn was a lot of fun. Three year olds love dancing in a circle!

It was a challenge to get all my loot home again, but we prevailed. You were correct. The TV snapped the King right out of his funk. He even helped me get it all set up, but I think it was more so he could get to Dr Who on the bigger screen faster than it was to be helpful. (Since I STILL can't get him to knock down the cobwebs that are too high for me to reach!)

The after party was was drunk, cheese was eaten...I've only seen my neighbor briefly since that night, so I know he's still alive. And I've seen his girlfriend, so she's alive too. Maybe I don't actually want to know what was going on!

I made my thank you notes I need to get them written and addressed. I need to email Kathryn and remind her to send me the loot list! I'll make sure to have them in the mail this weekend.

The King and I are both hoping to attend War Practice. If we figure out how and when I can get there, I may ask Lassair if she wants to camp with us.

Well, I must be off. I promised the King we'd watch the rest of the Dr. Who special features disk tonight.

Your Affectionate Friend,