Saturday, May 15, 2010

What ever happened to our Write Ethic

My Dearest Corwynne,

It has, again, been so long. There is no reason for it other than lethargy. The winter weather led Leggs and me into a routine, which is a good and stable thing for the Sons, but leaves little to write about. We spent an equal amount of time here muddling through our daily lives and in the Settlement helping others do the same. Luckily, most of the winter was spring in the Settlement which I think has something to do with why my part of the real world managed to miss snowpocolyse but I have no scientific data to prove it.

Now that spring is slowly working it's way into our part of the world, Leggs is again taken with the tries and the groundhog in the backyard and we are spending more time here. We will both be in attendance at War Practice with no scheduled trips to the barring yet another stone vs tree debate in the Settlement, we should be fine.

Sadly, I have nothing else to report. Hopefully, War Practice will give us much to write about over the coming months.

Your affectionate friend,