Thursday, April 28, 2005


My Dearest Corwynne,

The entire settlement has become obsessed with the particulars of our little vacation. The rumor going around now is that t is actually going to be a double honeymoon. They think that you and Aragorn and Leggs and I are planning to marry secretly before we go. Leggs is doing nothing to stop the rumors either and I have to admit that I am not 100% sure he didn't start it himself. He keeps saying "Well, you have to admit, it's quite a good time saving idea. And very thrifty too." Just shows his desperation when he tries using my love of being thrift as inducement to marry.

Well, I guess everyone will be disappointed when we return from the trip still living in fantasy sin. But I am looking forward to the trip anyway. It will e nice to get away and camp somewhere where it is guaranteed to be warm and pleasant.

There is little else going on here or in the settlement. The day to day stuff seems to be working itself out, but sadly does not do the actual work itself so I am off to do some more cleaning.

Your affectionate friend,

P.S. Of course he did the dance.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

I'm glad Legolas is so pleased with himself. I'm certain the image I have in my head of him playing with the baby is nothing compared to the reality of that situation. Did he do that little dance of his? Please tell me he did that little dance! I LOVE that little dance!

Work has been totally stressful this past week. Not only are we swamped with people who want buy tickets, we seem to have an extraordinary number of people who call simple to waste my time! And the marketing has begun on the new season and I'm trying to work out a budget for it, and you know how I can't add when I'm busy and stressed!

Aragorn has decided that he has had enough and as soon as this show ends he and Legolas are taking us on a nice quiet vacation. He's even put a calendar on the refrigerator where he's marking off the days until we go. (I think he's using Shire reckoning though, so not exactly sure when we're leaving.)

And get this...they plan to take us camping! I did try to gently suggest that maybe we go to a nice quiet bed and breakfast on the shore for a few days, but no, camping it must be. It seems he weasled the location of Henneth Annun out of Faramir during a game of truth or dare (I don't want to know!)and we get to spend several glorious days far, far away from everyone and everything! He's even arranged for a few rangers to hang out on the perimeter to scare off any unlucky passerby!

Don't worry! Aragorn assures me he and Legs will take care of everything. We won't have to set up bedding, or cook or do dishes! He suggests we bring along some books and we can read to each other while he and Legs hunt and fish for dinner. (Apparently the whole "Forbidden Pool" thing doesn't apply to the king.) He thought maybe we could try and play a few a rounds of Lord of the Rings trivia. He may the only person who can beat us! But it wouldn't be so embarassing to lose to him, I suppose. Maybe we should handicap him somehow...make him give all his answers in Quenyan or something.

I hear the weather is lovely too! No freak blizzards and freezing rosebuds! I guess in a land that has defeaed its Shadow, spring actually shows up and stays instead of taking a brief look around and running off with its tale between its legs.

So, pack some garb and be prepared. If this works out, maybe we should invite the boys to War Practice. Gregor hasn't seen them in a while and it might me fun to listen to them making fun of the battles and the sports bras.

The show is about to end so I must be off to do deposits before the lobby gets too noisy for me to count straight. I'll talk to you soon.

Your Affectionate Friend,

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Joy of Legolas continues

My Dearest Corwynne,

It is alright that you were unable to write. Things have been busy around here too. I am starting to get a grip on my added responsibilities and may have time to write more often now. I hope that your fantasy injury is healing.
Legolas's joy continues unabated. I know that normally I would have to tell you what joy on Leggs manifested itself as but not in this case. He has lost all elfen reserve. In fact, the other day while he was playing with the baby, (yes, playing with the baby) he was acting so silly that I suggested he get himself a jester's costume. A few minutes later, there he was dressed in a harlequin suit, complete with hat and shoes. I don't think he understands that his reserve is a large part of his appeal. But we all need time to adjust to out new situation, and I am hoping that he will calm down in time.
I did suggest that he take a trip. Hunting always seems to set him mind straight. So keep your fingers crossed, that is if it will not disrupt you humors.
Take care,
Your Affectionate Friend,

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Long Expected Post

My Dearest Kendrah,

Please, please, forgive me for not writing sooner in your time of distress! I hope Aragorn has passed on to you my deep sadness and disbelief at this most unfortunate occurrence. It is a difficult situation, on the one hand delighted for you and Legolas and on the other, saddened by the turmoil and unrest caused by this breach of vows and the real world. I’m certain Mithrandir would have something wise and comforting to say, but I am speechless.

A great deal has happened since the end of the New Year’s festivities. I finally got all of those noble guests to go home! They trickled out of the City a few at a time over the whole week following the closing party. Now I understand why Eowyn was so aggravated about being left behind all the time. After a week of standing on the City wall waving goodbye by shoulder was killing me! That, combined with all the needlework I had to do while entertaining Gladders and behaving in a suitably lady-like manner, led to some sort of repetitive stress disorder and made me all numb and sore at the same time. Ioreth, that old bat from the Houses of Healing, diagnosed it as an imbalance in some humour...blah, blah, blah, too much bile or something! She ordered me to apply warm cloths to draw out the evil humour, avoid activities that caused the imbalance for at least a fortnight and drink a tea of willow bark three times a day. I took this to mean get a heating pad, stop waving and crocheting and take some aspirin.

It also meant I couldn’t type, hence the lack of writing, or almost worse, balance the books from the month long party! It’s difficult enough to do spreadsheets on parchment with a quill, and as you know from scrap-booking experience, almost impossible to write legibly with a fancy pen when you hand hurts! I’ll be sorting out that accounting mess for weeks! Faramir has been sending heralds around trying to collect receipts from everyone, but you know how the royals are...the rules don’t apply to them. Now Imrahil wants travel expenses reimbursed! I told him we would cover either room and board for his horses OR mileage, but not both! He doesn’t seem to get it. And does he have receipts? NO! He claims it is because most of the innkeepers were illiterate and couldn’t make one out. But did he a log of his expenses? No! Faramir is not pleased either, he knows how much Dol Amroth collects in taxes per year and thinks it’s petty for Imrahil to want money back in the first place! What happened to the good old days when your princes just did stuff because you were their liege!

All right, enough venting. Now that I am recovered from my “humour imbalance” I promise to write more regularly. If Leggs keeps getting on your nerves, Faramir has offered to take him hunting to get him out of your hair for a while. At this point, Faramir is looking for any excuse to escape the bookkeeping!

Take care. I hope to see you soon!
Your Affectionate Friend,