Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wacky Weekends

My Dearest Kendrah,

I have been having quite the busy fortnight!

I think the never ending supply of comfort food helped make War Practice quite an enjoyable event, even with the rain. I'm glad the king and TV-B got along. It must be difficult for TV-B to accep that he is the "other" "man", but our little side fantasies need to know where they stand in the great scheme of things. TV boyfriends come and go, book and movie boyfriends are forever (and they don't come with commercial breaks!)I'm sure in time, TV-B will come to accept his role. Or he'll fade as many have before. (not FADE fade, like old Elves, just fade from our affections)

I apologize for telling you I would be out of town this weekend. I was in a Day/Nyquil stupor most of the week trying to defeat the symptoms of my post War Practice chest cold while packing for my adventure of last weekend. Fortunately we had much better weather for Wellspring than War Practice and I made it through without incurring another illness! And it was fun.

Not much is happening. I hate PreCollege AND subscriptions simultaneously, which is pretty interesting because usually the hatreds alternate. Aragorn is concerned because he heard somewhere that hate can lead to the Dark Side, but I promised not to convert no matter how bitter I become and he seemed ok with that.

Well, I've finished my hummus and now must get back to my angry Blue Hairs.

You're Affectionate Friend,

Monday, May 22, 2006

War Practice

My Dearest Corwynne,

It was so good to see you and your betrothed at War Practice this weekend. It turned out to be more fun than I expected and I would have been hungry, cold and more wet had you and your belongings not attended.

As much fun as it was, it was a trying weekend. Both Leggs and TV boyfriend decided to go but neither of them knew that. I thought it would be fine. Leggs is a day person and would prefer his sleep during the hours of darkness.....TV boyfriend, as you know is a creature of darkness in both body and spirit. The biggest problem was the weather....When the sun was not out TV boyfriend decided to spend a few hours under the pavilion during the day. He and Leggs were not best pleased.

So TV-B decided that we "needed to talk". He had heard of a place that he though would be lovely for a picnic, because it is always dark there. I had to tell Leggs that I had a "pinched nerve" in my leg and need to stay in camp so that he would go shopping up top without me so that we could go on the picnic. Imagine my surprise when I discovered our picnic sight was in Mirkwood! But really, I should have known.

Anyway, the talk was difficult. TV-B feels that it is understandable that I see other people from time to time, but this thing with Leggs is getting a bit too serious for his taste. I was trying to explain that, he, TV-b was the other man, not Leggs but it wasn't going over very well. I lucked out when the King arrived.

I know, the King was shopping with you at the time, but I seem to have stumbled upon one of those future echoes like the time I saw Robinson. Anyway, he was on that Middle Earth Peace Summit next month, but he stopped to chat. He drew me aside saying that he remembered that you had mentioned him running into us on are picnic and what conversation we were having and that with his future knowledge he said that every thing would be fine. Then he asked TV-B for the tailor's name. So everyone seemed happy in the end. TV-B seemed to loose his train of thought with the King's arrival and we had a nice lunch and headed back to War Practice just in time for me to act as though I had been taking a nap the entire time everyone was shopping.

I am pretty sure this phase will have to end soon, if for no other reason than it is exhausting.

Looking forward to hearing from you again
Your affectionate friend,

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Definitely Not Cheating

My Dearest Kendrah,

All I can say is that the king is definitely NOT amused by your choice of TV boyfrind. Legolas' letter arrived just the other day and I was able to intercept it before the Aragorn had a chance to read it, so I was able to break the news to him gently. He seems to take that kind of news from me fairly well, having dealt with my fleeting infatuations with Lt. Sharpe, Samson and that inexplicable crush I had on Ken Jennings, "Jeopardy" Champion. I must say, as gentle as I was, he is still quite distressed. You know what a hard-ass he is when it comes to Creatures of Darkness! It was a hour of ranting about the rising Shadow blah, blah, blah...

I finally showed him a picture and he grudging admits he can understand the attraction. (I'm trying not to be concerned by that!) He also approved of your fling's choice of outerwear and asked if maybe you could get the address of his tailor. BUT, he still doesn't think it's a good idea to get too involved. Like we'd take relationship advice from him after the way he handled the whole Arwen situation!

After talking it over though, he has agreed to take any silly heroic steps to come between you and your latest infatuation or try and save the world again. He will not however, assure the safety of TV boyfriend should he set foot in the Realm. Those Southern Rangers can be awfully trigger happy at times. He plans to ask Leggs out for a guys weekend where he will try to explain to your Elf that like the Shadow, this is a passing thing, and how they most must indulge out little fantasies once in a while. After all, where would THEY be without our little fantasies???

I do hope that the situation can resolve itself in a reasonable manner and Leggs will learn to see reason. Alas, the Eldar are not known for displaying much common sense when it comes to affairs of the heart!

Otherwise, all is well. The semester is over and I hope to have more free time, at least until PreCollege starts! Hope all is well with you and yours! Happy Mother's Day!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not Cheating!

My Dearest Corwynne,

Please do not fret over the cross reality slang, I just didn't want us to lose our transreality license suspended with your wedding approaching. I would certainly make things difficult...You stuck in reality with the King stuck in Gondor. The vows would be very hard to hear. Luckily the TRL board does not seem to upset. They say that with writing such as ours they would have expected weekly mishaps, and this is our first(recorded) violation in almost two years. I think we should get an award.

I am sure that the King will be receiving a letter from Leggs any moment now. It will probably be in the way of begging His Royal Highness to pressure you to pressure me into ditching the TV boyfriend. Now, I am sure you understand that having the TV boyfriend (who will remain unnamed and yes it is who you think it is) is not cheating. I mean really, he doesn't even exist in the same reality. Plus, I have never taken advantage of the "I was simply comforting a comrade." as some have. You are not the only one to have used this excuse, Corwynne. And I was slightly sickened by who some elves might choose to comfort, but I let it slide. I think he should so the same.

I have tried to explain that it is a passing infatuation, but he won't listen. He has even threatened to return to the time of the hearth if I don't give him up. I am half tempted to let him, but I don't think our letters back and forth about the King and the TV boyfriend would be easily understood.

Anyway, I just wanted you to be forewarned about the letter from Leggs. And if the King wants you to pressure me, feel free, it could be fun.

Your affectionate friend,