Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wacky Weekends

My Dearest Kendrah,

I have been having quite the busy fortnight!

I think the never ending supply of comfort food helped make War Practice quite an enjoyable event, even with the rain. I'm glad the king and TV-B got along. It must be difficult for TV-B to accep that he is the "other" "man", but our little side fantasies need to know where they stand in the great scheme of things. TV boyfriends come and go, book and movie boyfriends are forever (and they don't come with commercial breaks!)I'm sure in time, TV-B will come to accept his role. Or he'll fade as many have before. (not FADE fade, like old Elves, just fade from our affections)

I apologize for telling you I would be out of town this weekend. I was in a Day/Nyquil stupor most of the week trying to defeat the symptoms of my post War Practice chest cold while packing for my adventure of last weekend. Fortunately we had much better weather for Wellspring than War Practice and I made it through without incurring another illness! And it was fun.

Not much is happening. I hate PreCollege AND subscriptions simultaneously, which is pretty interesting because usually the hatreds alternate. Aragorn is concerned because he heard somewhere that hate can lead to the Dark Side, but I promised not to convert no matter how bitter I become and he seemed ok with that.

Well, I've finished my hummus and now must get back to my angry Blue Hairs.

You're Affectionate Friend,

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