Thursday, December 25, 2008


My dearest Corywnne,

Merry Christmas! It was quite a morning here. The ex was here for the festivities as he is each year, but this year Leggs was far more perturbed about it. He understands that it is best for the children that we do the "celebrate of the birth of the child that doesn't exist" together, or at least he says he does. His actions do not bare that out.

The ex goes into the kitchen to refill his coffee and Leggs is right there behind him, I opted to stay in the living room. So Leggs begins yelling out each thing he touches.

"He's opening the silverware drawer!"
"Now he is messing with the glasses!!"
"He's washing the french press, and you just know he won't empty the sink catch!!!"

He was right of course, but I hardly think it was worthy of a running commentary...unless it included Dom and Billy...cause then I am sure it would have been amusing.

Anyway, the children were very pleased with their gifts from "the red-suited pipe smoking man who doesn't exist", and are off to spend the weekend with their father. I am off for a nap before the settlements first annual (gods help me)red-suited man party. I wish the would consult me, even when they are trying to surprise me.

Hope you are enjoying North Carolina and the new baby.

Your affectionate friend,

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