Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My Dearest Kendrah,

I hardly know what to say! This insight into Legolas's Elven psyche has made me realize just how little he understands the swiftly-moving World of Men (especially the world that is Pennsic.) It's shocking how completely he believes in his fantasy world to the exclusion of Reality. It makes my throat hurt thinking how contrary his desires are to yours, and that in all the years of your relationship, these things were never discussed!

You two will have to work this out! It is your doom and destiny to be together and the King and I are convinced that if you choose to separate, there will be serious consequences in all our Worlds. And I can say with surety that the King will be highly displeased if we end up in another World altering event so soon after the destruction of Mordor. He's already compiling charts and graphs comparing recent events to the Fall of Gondolin and the Drowning of Numenor. He is not unconvinced that the recent crazy weather events are unrelated to the disruption in the "Force" caused by this unfortunate turn of events.

The King plans to ride to the settlement today and see if he can talk some sense into the Elf. In the mean time, I have been instructed to light candles, burn incense and pray for the blessings of Elbereth and Manwe on your relationship. Which seems really out of character for the King...he's usually less about Divine Intervention and more about hitting it with sword. And why am I the one stuck making offerings to these foreign gods? Remember what happened to Earendil when he went pleading to the Valar? (If I get turned into a star, or a planet or some other heavenly body, I'm blaming the you!)

Inter-racial relationships often present difficulties and the two of you are operating from very different reality check points. Even the King and I have had this sort of misunderstanding from time to time. It is my sincere hope that you and Legolas can become more sensitive to each others needs. I pray you can move from love of the dream and shadow of who you think the other is, and come to an appreciation of each other for what and who you are.

I must go burn that incense now. Please let me know as soon as possible what the outcome is and if there is anything the King and I can do to help. The Fate of our Worlds depends upon it.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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