Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weekends and Parties

My Dearest Kendrah,

It has been a while since I've heard from you. I do hope all is well in the Settlement. I'm guessing that since Leggs' return, you've both been very busy catching up on meetings, greeting emissaries and enjoying candle-lit dinners. (not that you have much of a choice when it comes to lighting instruments!)

I've still been pretty busy at work, but at least "Lysistrata" closed on Saturday. Now I'm trying to get caught up on everything else. My weekends are going to be absolutely packed for the next month or so! This weekend I have an Ancestor Dinner on Friday, plan to sew all day Saturday and I'm going to Earrach and Diana's Sunday to help put together furniture and unpack. I was thinking of spending the day hibernating, but Andrew wooed me with promises of good beer and Anglo-Saxon poetry. Next weekend is "Playground" our independent student project week, so I'll be here for that Friday through Sunday. And then there is the wedding rehearsal on the 28th, the wedding itself on the 29th and the Samhain party that Saturday night. I haven't even thought about what to make! I think Aragorn and I need another quiet get-away to Henneth Annun before it gets too cold!

I do plan to be home this evening so perhaps we can talk then. Today is Viggo's birthday and Aragorn is planning to spend the evening partying with him, so I'll be home alone, waiting for Isildur's Heir to stumble in during the wee hours. I know, I know, he can take care of himeself, but I worry that he isn't used to swiftly moving know how I am about getting hit by a bus! I can always comfort myself with another episode of Horatio Hornblower. (Capt. Pellew would NEVER be caught stumbling home drunk, but I digress!)

Hope all is well. I'll talk to you soon.
Your Affectionate Friend,

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