Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Cold Moon Party

My dearest Corwynne,

Finally, I have managed to get a coherent recap of the Cold Moon party from Leggs. At first all he would say was that his fingers were tingling the whole time. (raised eyebrow) But now that the imaginary Russian Stout has worn off (turns out it has a much higher alcohol content than regular Russian Stout) he has a better idea about what happened.

The thing I find the most entertaining about the party was that Greggor saw our boys! He saw them. They told him not to say anything. They figured that a party is not the best place to mention that you are seeing imaginary people drinking over in the corner. People might make fun of you or something. I can't imagine why.

I was not surprised to hear that our boys made little pigs of themselves by drinking all of the imaginary Russian stout in the house, and as you know a lot of imaginary custody can be kept in a very small space. Leggs fingers began tingling around the time the piano playing and show tune singing started. Leggs enjoyed the music very much and was patiently waiting for the epic songs of orc hunting to begin, but he was disappointed for it didn't seem to be in the plan for the evening. So to make up for it he has been working with my husband Greg on your idea for the musical SCHINDLER! They have begun writing the final song entitled Just One More Jew. The words I have heard so far go like this
One more Jew
could have bought one more Jew
just one more Jew
with this pin on my lapel....

I think that Greg understands that you aren't really writing this musical, but it has occupied Leggs enough that he has stopped making comments about Greg having fighting and archery practice. Besides they seem to be having fun.

All in all I would say the party was a great success and if you see Greggor let him know that the boys had a great time and say thank you.

Your affectionate friend,

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