Thursday, December 16, 2004

Musical Hobbies

My dearest Corwynne,

I am so relieved. Leggs was speaking with the King of Gondor the other day and he told him that you had plans to write a musical. He believed that it was called Schindler! I knew that it must be a joke that he didn't understand, but one does worry sometimes.

Speaking of worry. I am becoming concerned for Leggs. On Tuesday he went with me to pick up my son from his after school bowling program. The bus is supposed to arrive at 5:10 pm, but it is never on time. Leggs and I sat waiting very contented until 5:11 pm when he sat bolt upright. "I will find out what fate has befallen him." he says and jumps out of the car. And he's off....slinking inbetween the cars of the other waiting parents....peering inside the cars and the school windows....all the while walking on top of the snow, which I have asked him not to do in public (it is so hard to explain). Next he began to climb the very large tree in front of the school. I assume this was to, as you future husband would say, "to see what his elf eyes could see". Luckily, as he began to climb, the bus rounded the corner and he shimmied down and returned to the car looking very crestfallen. I think he needs a hobby. All of the political work in the settlement is not doing it for him. He misses orc hunting and the danger of facing Sauron. It is quite sad really.

Oh well, I must go. It is time to take the boy to school.
Your affectionate friend,

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Magdalene said...

Well, as to a hobby, since your world doesn't seem bound by the rules of space and/or time he could take up a nice WWII activity, such as plane spotting, thus putting his elf eyes to good use.