Sunday, December 26, 2004


My Dearest Kendrah,

I hope your Christmas went well. I was thinking of you all. I popped over to Minas Tirith for a while Christmas Eve. No Christmas in Middle Earth so everything was much calmer and relaxed. I think most people were still recovering from Eowyn’s “Drink All Night in Remembrance of the Honored Ancestors and Glorious Dead” party earlier in the week. Seems the Rohirrim aren’t unfamiliar with a midwinter festival and it seemed to go over well in the White City. We may make it a tradition.
It was nice to have an evening to just sit around with Aragorn by the fireplace and do nothing. He had written a new Elvish epic poem he wanted me to hear. Honestly, I understood about a third of it, but it rhymed nicely so I was very complimentary. He needs the encouragement. He also said he wanted to honor my tradition and presented me with some lovely jewelry…Heirlooms of his House type of things…a lovely coronet, an emerald necklace and a very sparkly ring (eat you heart out Gladders!). Unfortunately, the jewels are also part of the government collection of Numenorian antiquities so I can’t really wear any of them except on official state occasions. Next time you stop by I’ll take you up to the White Tower Museum and you can check it out. I got him a bathrobe and a set of men’s toiletries from the Body Shop. He seemed pleased, but I doubt he’ll ever use them. You can make a King out of a Ranger, but you can’t take the Ranger out of the King.
He’s planning to stop by over New Year’s weekend. He’s quite taken with Christmas lights…says all the twinkling reminds him of Lothlorien. I told him to bring Celeborn along. I made a nice batch of krupnick and I think C. would enjoy it. Of course I should pick him up a stocking stuffer or something. What do you get an Elf Lord who has everything? Screw it…a nice bottle of scotch will keep him happy for days.
Well, I must be off…we’re expecting a rider from Mirkwood with a status report on our missing Dwarves. I’ll talk to you soon.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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