Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The EE

My Dearest Kendrah,

I'm glad your holiday went well. And so pleased your son likes his new puppy! I agree, there is power in a name and Pippin is the perfect choice in this case. Perhaps I'll invite the Hobbits in for New Year's dinner. Frodo might not be up travelling and Sam and Rosie can't seem to leave the bedroom, but I imagine Merry and Pippin will come. Perhaps your son will notice them if they're actually dining with us. And Merry can build a killer snow fort...they'd have lots of fun together. If we have any snow, that is.

I was sitting around watching RotK EE quite a bit myself. Aragorn has a hard time with it. I think it's a bit of post traumatic stress. He does seem to be better pleased with it than the Rankin and Bass cartoon we made him watch...remember that fiasco?! I think it was at my birthday right after Two Towers came out. He wasn’t having a good year…It was this whole I wanna king, I don't wanna be king, MAYBE I wanna be king...between Elrond harping at him and PJ giving him a "character arc" it was getting to be a bit much.

Then we popped in the cartoon…that really screwed him up..."It's called Return of the King when do I come in?" he kept asking..."Sam and Frodo...all we see are Sam and Frodo"...then he started drinking quite a bit of Yuengling porter. He starts off as a fun drunk...telling dirty jokes (A elf, a dwarf and a man walk into a pub) and bawdy stories about Gladders in her younger days... THEN he starts with the lament singing and there's really nothing to be done but let him cry in his pipeweed and send him off to bed.

For me, the saddest part of the film is how happy Arwen looks at the coronation. She doesn't realize it's only a movie, and that at the end of the day, Aragorn comes home to me. Sometimes poor Arwen struggles with her grip on reality.

Well, I need to make more tea. Take care!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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