Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dearest Kendrah,

Ah, yes, the word of the day! I look forward to more of them! It was the perfect way to brighten my dreary day here at work.

Speaking of...guess who decided he wanted to see where I worked? Since he was in town for Gregor’s party anyway, Aragorn stopped by the office. He said he wanted to see one of our shows. I decided against the "Duchess of Malfi". A Jacobean revenge tragedy centering around a noble who marries beneath her and the troubles that ensue because of it isn't the kind of message I wanted to send. So I sent him to "Animal Farm" instead. Animal Farm...THE MUSICAL!!! It’s not pretty. Picture the conversation if you will...

“Why do you want me to see a play about animal husbandry?”
“It’s’s more a socio-economic-political commentary.”
“A socio-what-now?"
“Ok...these animals take over a farm from an evil human master and eventually become corrupt. And they sing.”
“Singing animals? Like talking dragons?” (draws sword)
“No, no, more like a fairy tale for grownups.”
(Puts sword away) “Hmmm...based on my limited understanding of the Professor’s “On Fairy Stories” essay, I’d say it seems more of an animal fable than an actual “fairytale” though it may contain allegorical elements...”

I now admit defeat. “ you want to see the play about the nasty singing piggies or not?” He did.

I saw him briefly at intermission...he waved on his way outside to smoke. I saw him there, surrounded by giggling freshmen girls. It’s the long hair and leather coat. They can’t resist.

I’m sure he and Leggs will have a good time at Gregor’s party. And I wouldn’t worry...after a few of those special holiday beers, EVERYBODY will be able to see them!

I must return to my blue-hair matinee crowd. Talk to you soon!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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