Monday, December 06, 2004

The Leaves of Thanksgiving

My dearest Corwynne,

Your visit to North Carolina made me realize that my white trash family is less white trash than your white trash family....haha......seriously. Greg's family, while not fans of the Lord of the Rings, have seen the movies and understood what was going on. The Return of the King was on while I was there and my father-in-law and I watched it. He asked a few questions, "What is that?" " A fell beast." "OK". He wanted no extra details, but he never said anything like "Hey when will they get back to dwarf land?" so I figure he is at least one step up.

Upon our return from North Carolina, I found Leggs in my house waiting for us. He was surrounded by suitcases and boxes. He looked very sad.....and in the Leggs to anybody else dictionary, sad=downcast eyes. When I asked him what was going on, his first response was "It will be strange to have you husband and children living in the settlement, but we have but one choice." "Hababwah" was my reply. I have been trying to get Leggs to understand that the elf way of cryptic speech is what is causing all of our misunderstandings, so luckily he caught on quickly this time. "This world is dying and you and your family must become permenant members of the settlement." My reply was that I know that things seem bad with Bush "winning" another term and all, but that just up and moving my husband and children to my fantasy world seemed a bit drastic and pointless, since our bodies would still be here to be taxed and bossed around by the US government.

Leggs was puzzled again. As it turns out he was not speaking of the government at all but of nature. "The leaves!" he said "All of the leaves are gone. I have never seen them fall so quickly. This cannot be good. We must leave immediately!" It took a long time and several third grade science books before he would half believe that the leaves will return in the spring. He has vowed to keep a close eye on the situation and if they don't return soon enough for him I am certain we will have to go over it all again for him. Thankfully there is much in the settlement to keep him occupied. For little does he know that the seasons will begin changing there as well......poor naive.

Your affectionate friend,

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gregor said...

Hababwah, that's my favorite holiday.