Monday, November 01, 2004

Thatching and Halloween

I'm so glad the boys got involved in that Habitat for Mankind organization, even if it is a rip-off of Sam Gamgee's Habitat for Hobbits project. Every once in a while, that Samwise comes up with a pretty clever notion! With winter coming we need to get roofs over the heads of the peasants, especially in Rohan! After Saruman's "Rick, Cot and Tree" burning escapade, things have been rough on the sward. And I think Aragorn misses his anonymous mingling with the unwashed masses. It's too bad he missed Deana's Halloween party, though. I think he might have enjoyed the buckets of margueritas. He's a big fan of all things frozen. If I ever get electricity installed in the White City, I won't be able to keep him out of the refrigerator! Fortunately he doesn't share Legolas' superstitious and irrational fear of DipnDots and other tasty frozen treats.

Since I needed to help Deana with party arranging, I left Imrahil in charge of the city for the weekend. Poor guy, my costume scared the heck out him! There I was, in full Gladder's drag, golden blonde curls and all, when he bumped into me on the turret stair. He looked like he'd ghost! I suppose encountering Galadriel on the staircase, even if you are (supposedly!) descended from Lothlorien Elves, would be a bit of a shock to any man. I explained to him about Halloween and costumes how we consider it a form of flattery (yeah, right) to imitate our "betters". And I think my officially licensed though not at all magical Nenya, Ring of Power freaked him out. I found the whole thing rather amusing, but he wandered off mumbling something about "lesser men putting on airs". Those knights of Dol Amroth are so touchy soemtimes! I brought him back half a bucket of frozen strawberry daquiris and that seemed to placate him.

All right, back to work. Talk to you soon.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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