Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Valar save us!

Dearest Corwynne,
Now that the settlement is almost finished we decided to have a little gathering. I was sorry you were unable to attend but I know those mithril stealing dwarves are keeping you busy. Anyway, the party. I explained to Leggs about halloween and he thought that the costume party would be fun, so we went with it. I came as a married mother of two. Leggs came as a hobbit....which was very amusing. He walked around on his knees all night long. He had pillows stuffed in his dubblet to give the "I've been drinking ale non stop since my tweens" look. All was going well.
Then.....Well, we invited Orlando Bloom because Orli and Leggs have been trying to get along, but Orli has yet again screwed the warg, as it were. So he shows up dressed as....You guessed....Legolas. Now, Leggs understands that he has been a popular figure for the past few halloweens, but one of the main problems that he has with Orli is that he feels that Orli does not portray Leggs with the proper respect due to a Prince of Mirkwood....he gets drunk, slaps girls on the butts and generally makes an ass of himself. Then the next day Leggs has to try and convince those Orli offended that it was not him. It is beginning to sound unconvincing and people are treating Leggs differently.
It may be time to go back to not speaking to Orli, if only to save Leggs' reputation in the Settlement.

Your affectionate friend,

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