Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Robinson the Clever II

My Dearest Kendrah,

I agree he was most clever! I think I learned just how creative he was when I discovered that his fantasy life often didn't include me.

I'd get up in the morning, let him out, feed him (because Aragorn likes to sleep in a bit when he has access to a real bed) and head off to work.

While I was gone, the boys hosted all sorts of interesting guests. Turns out Robinson was a big fan of afternoon tea. He and Aragorn would sit around with Bilbo drinking tea, discussing poetry and debating the agility of Shire squirrels. Robinson particularly enjoyed when "the nice old man with the grey beard" stopped by. He always had special treats secreted away in his robe and let Robinson curl up on his cloak while slipping him little bits of buttered toast and providing the oh-so-important ear scratching. I'm not sure which he enjoyed more...Gandalf's toast or Geoffy's pizza crusts.

By the time I'd get home from from work all that was left of the fantasy were a few scone crumbs and tea cups in the sink. At least could amuse himself!

I think I need to run next door for another cup of coffee. We had a wine tasting last night and I found two that I think Gladders would enjoy. Perhaps I'll send over a few bottles just to make nice. . .

Off for that coffee!!!
Your Affectionate Friend,

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Magdalene said...

I wish some of my cats who have now passed on had the foresight to create fantasy lives for themselves, or if they had, to have told me about it.