Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Troublesome Elves

My Dearest Kendrah,

I am sorry you seem to be experiencing so much unrest in the settlement. It may be time for Aragorn to give them a talking to. I know our dream was to create a settlement where all races could live together and learn from each other and he will be saddened to know the Elves are are being difficult. I was a bit concerned when Legolas brought in all his Mirkwood drinking buddies. They're what, 3000-4000 years old? At that age are they really capable of planning a community? I'm hoping a few of the older Elves from Imladris move in for a few years before they get on the boat. It might halp settle things a bit.

As far as the visitors from Hobbiton, there is no excuse for rudeness! Nothing makes Aragorn angrier than people harassing Halflings! Oh yes, the king will have to make his position very clear on that! And poor Gimli! He has such lovely braids, you'd think they could appreciate that!

From what I gather, Aragron ran into some problems like that in his younger days in Imladris. Even with the whole "Heir of Isildur" going for him. And Arwen was always making stories about him sneaking kisses n the bridge! I know that didn't go over so well with some of the Elf hotties who had their Elf-eys set on Elrond's daugter! At least he had the Sons to watch his back. Those boys would have kicked butt if they caught anyone messing with their favorite Man. Aragorn's advice...just ignore them. Suck it up, brood quietly in a corner, smoke a pipe, write a tear-jerking lament about how alone you are, and if necessary, hit them on the head with your father's sword to smack some sense into them.

Please try to convince Legolas to come by, even for a few days. If I leave Aragorn and Eomer alone together all they do is get sloppy drunk and lament about how difficult it is to be king! Legolas can usually cheer them up. At least he can make them get out of the castle and go hunting or something macho like that.

I must be off, no rest for the wicked or the weary as they say! I had to get up early to take the kittens in for surgery.

See you soon!
Your Affectionate Friend,

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