Monday, November 08, 2004

The White City

My dearest Corwynne,

I have checked my calendar and I will be with you in the White City two days hence. I do not know if Legolas will be able to accompany me for he has much Elvish settlement business to tend to. I say Elvish settlement for this is the business which occupies much of Leggs' time. The Elvish population is having issue with the fact that there are two non-Elves living among them. Valar forbid they should have there perfect views muddied by the sight of a woman and a dwarf in their midst. "We were promised and ELvish settlement outside of Minas Tirith, and we are given this mutt." I wonder if Aragorn ran into similar problems while living in Rivendell back when he was Estel. Perhaps he could advise me. They have even got a problem with the number of visitors arriving from Hobbiton and think there should be a maximum number allowed per year. Snobs....I am surrounded by snobs!

I am looking forward to this trip very much. I cannot wait to see you all again. I am even looking forward to the cleaning. I think we will come across many things that will be interesting in the towers of Denathor. That I can leave my recent foot injury in the real world and be productive once again. This elevating the foot sure ruins one's daily plans let me tell you.

Well, I must begin my travel preparations. See you soon.
Your affectionate friend,

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