Wednesday, November 03, 2004


My dearest Corwynne,

It is fine that you didn't write yesterday. I wasn't here much. I spent most of the day at the settlement. I couldn't take the tension that the election was causing.

Leggs was confused by this "election thing". "He was born into your royal family, wasn't he?" he asked me. I tried to explain the system but he began laughing. Ok so he wasn't laughing, but he was smiling which for Leggs is the same as rolling on the ground, unable to breathe and wetting himself.

When I asked what he thought was so funny, it took him some time to be able to answer. He final reminded me of the time he came over while my husband was having fighter practice. When he arrived they had moved from combat to archery. "They practice archery? Do your men also need to practice breathing? It is so simple, your enemy approaches and you shoot them, then they die. Practice?" He wandered off muttering to himself.

He was reminded of this last night because he claims that this just proves that this world can do nothing right. I am beginning to agree.

Your affectionate(and slightly depressed) friend,

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