Friday, November 12, 2004


My Dearest Kendrah,

I'm so glad Legolas was able to come! And he managed to get the boys to go out hunting and camping for a few days, so we can really get some work done.

Aragorn and I were reminiscing about Robinson the other day. He was thinking he should write a ballad about their adventures together so I'm pulling together some info.

As you may remember, Robinson was was my sad little dacshund/beagle mix that came from that terrible rescue on the East End where the lady had 63 dogs living in the house. He was just about my speed. Sweet, quiet and really just wanted to sit on the couch, cuddle and watch TV.

He needed a fantasy life!

He fell in love with Aragorn the first time they met. Aragorn had that way about him...all the animals love him! I think it's the way he murmurs soothingly in Elvish and scratches them behind the ears in that perfect spot. Robinson loved it when Aragorn came over. We'd all sit on the couch and he'd snuggle in the middle. Aragorn was teaching us both Sindarin (I'm pleased to say I progressed beyond Sit! Down! and Play dead!). We'd drink shiraz, I'd work on my cross-stitch (I swear someday I'l get into banner making!) and Aragorn would read us poetry (in Elvish, of course!)

Remember when Aragorn made Robinson a little Lothlorien cloak so he could blend into the landscape and the two of them snuck into the zoo after it closed to see the "oliphaunts"? Robinson loved the oliphaunts! And the giraffes, though they made Aragorn a bit nervous. I haven't mentioned the new big reptile exhibit...not sure how Aragorn would react to a Komodo Dragon. Robinson showed Aragorn all around Highland Park and warned him against playing with the raccoons. We have a rabies issue here, you see.

Not that the frolicking was limited to the park! When I was working a show and coming in late, Aragorn and Robinson would pop over to Arda and they'd spend weeks patrolling and tracking and routing out orcs. Robinson became quite a favorite among the Dunedain! Robinson also loved the forests around Rivendell...all the Elf maidens doted on him because he had those big sad hound eyes. He became a huge fan of the Hall of Fire, curled up on a pillow while Elrond scratched his ears and laments were sung..he so loved laments!

I need to run do an internet sales check...I'll pick up Robinson's story later.

Your Affectionate Friend,


Magdalene said...

I loved Robinson. I wanted him to come and live with me and the cats.

gregor said...

Like you need another 4 legged creature living with you! Maybe he could come and live with you in YOUR Fantasy world.

Kendrah & Corwynne said...

If you giveme your fantasy world address, I can give it to him the next time I see him. I am sure he will stop by. Kendrah