Friday, October 29, 2004

Dip 'n Dots of Evil

I realize that these tales should be recorded in some sort of order but this story cannot wait.
My real world husband, Leggs and I went to the mall to purchase a birthday gift for my son. (I know that we should follow tradition and have him give gifts on his birthday, but it is impossible to get a six year old to grasp that idea.) Anyway, Leggs' behavior was so embarassing. He has accompanied us on many errands in the real world and his behavior has always been that of one who is pleasently confused. This day was different.
As we were walking through the mall he became distracted by the Dip'nDots kiosk. We were in a hurry but Leggs loves to discover new things so I decided to give him a moment. When suddenly he has drawn out his bow and is about to shot the teen working the stand. " Prepare to die." He says in that calm manner that only is believable from an elf.
I am shocked but somehow I manage to get his attention. "Legolas, what are you doing?" His reply is astounding. "This manchild is a servent of the enemy". I begin laughing. I try to expalin that the enemy has been destroyed, reminding him that he knows this, he was there afterall. Now he is truly confused. "Why do you think that this boy is a servent of Sauron?" I ask. He points to the containers of dip'ndots and says " What more proof do you need.?" Now I am more confused than ever. I manage to convince Leggs that if this boy truly needs to die, we can come back and do it later, because security is on its way and if they catch us he won't be able to stop this boy with evil plots. Amazingly this works and we go to the car. Legolas begins to explain.
"The containers hold small cold orbs." He says as if this explains everything. I ask him to go on. "What do you think the eye of Sauron was? He has returned!" I begin to laugh....not a good idea. Over time I manage to explain that these small cold orbs and ice cream treats, and that some flavors are quite good. And that the boy selling them is not an agent of the evil one, but just a boy trying to save money to buy himself a car or something and does not deserve to die.
He is not entirely convinced, but since I began driving while I was explaining there is little he can do. From time to time he asks if we can go to the mall, just to shop he says, but I am not fooled.
The reason I am reminded of this was this morning he dropped by for a moment and I told him about this endeavor. He very sternly told me that we would have to discuss this further this evening, for our ability to comunicate through this glass box seems like akin to a palantir to him. sigh
But for now it is peaceful, for he and Aragorn have gone off to thatch some roofs.
Your affectionate friend,

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