Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, We're back.

My Dearest Kendrah,

Just a quick note to let you know that Aragorn and I arrived safely home from our journey to Pennsic. It was lovely seeing you there, but I still wish Leggs had been able to spend a bit more time wih us.

I've been in the throes of post-Pennsic cleanup..laundry, dishes, cleaning coolers. Aragorn left all his stuff at my place so looks like I'll be washing his smallclothes and mending his shirts again! The least he could do is sort colours from whites! I find it interesting that Gondor is always facing some crisis that calls hime away when there is work to do around the house!

I do plan to write more soon. I'm back at work today trying to fix everything that went wrong while I was gone and wondering why I'm still sober when it's already after 4 pm!

Hope your post Pennsic clean-up is on track!

Your Affectionate Friend,


Anonymous said...

wondering why I'm still sober when it's already after 4 pm... and not
singing show tunes.

Kendrah & Corwynne said...

I could post the video.....but that would be cruel. And who is this anonymous....the white wizard will not be pleased by the posting of anyone not willing to identify themselves.

Anonymous said...

That would be Anon y Mous the First
I come from the lands of those who forget their password and thus must remain unknown. But I have see the video you speak of and it
is not pretty.