Thursday, August 25, 2005

Look What I Found!

My Dearest Kendrah,

I wondered why Leggs was so difficult to track down! At least we know he dedicated his vacation to a good cause.

BTW...Look what I found while searching Aragorn’s rucksack for dirty clothes! I probably shouldn’t even be reading this, let alone sending it to you, but if a Man leaves his Pennsic diary just laying around while his beloved is doing all his laundry...

Dear Diary,
Saturday, Land Grab

Watched C. put up tents. Didn’t help. Knew she would get hot and change into that sleazy booby shirt. As Geoff would say “God Damn!” Also, did not want it to look too easy for her to put up tents. Was more fun watching her, Simon and Catherine do it. Drank beer. That’s why there was none in her cooler when she went looking for it. Tee hee! Slept under picnic table (like Geoff does) and re-lived good old Ranger days. Drank more beer.

Dear Diary

It was hot. Had to remove sexy leather coat. Mended spare shirt that Eomer lent me. Had C. explain meaning of “Bard Simpson”. Ha, ha! Must sneak more Simpsons series disks onto her Netflix queue. Drank some beer. Gave Kate her shot glasses. I had to smuggle them past customs. Hope C. and Faramir get those trade agreements worked out. Kings shouldn’t smuggle. No activity on battlefield. Bummer! Considering entering Historic Combat series events. Could be interesting...

Dear Diary

It’s still hot. We all sat under the pavilion and didn’t move. C. made lots of coffee until we all switched to beer. The girls kept picking on Amron for wearing his old green shirt with all the rips in it. They should knock it off. Old fighting shirts are like old friends! C. keeps trying to throw away my old Fellowship shirt, but I won’t let her. Maybe I’ll donate it to a museum one day. We’ll see...
I found some knights to fight with. That was fun. Glad I had fake ID made so I could get my authorizations. Had to lie about my age. Did not get pole-arm authorization :-( Will try again tomorrow.

Dear Diary

C. got up early and made coffee again. I might ask her if I can sleep in her tent. The dew was so heavy this morning there were puddles on all the furniture and it was dripping off the pavilion like rain! I tried for my pole-arm authorization again but to no avail. The Marshall said I hit too hard and made a snide remark about my style being old-fashioned!. Will try tomorrow one more time. Will look for a different Marshal. The girls played Yahtzee for quite some time this afternoon. K. kept winning. Well, C., you know what they say...unlucky at cards, lucky in love. Wink, wink! Maybe I will get C. a beer to show my affection...

I must be off for now. There is certainly more of dear king’s diary to come.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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