Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Moving on

My Dearest Kendrah,
Thank you for your kind words of support. It think it is quite obvious that both Aragorn and I made some very poor choices on Thursday. I can only blame the giddiness of the Pennsic, the over-indulgence in alcohol and the lack of self control that follows in their wake.

Have no fear, his behavior (and mine for that matter) has been exemplary since that day. Perhaps we just needed to get one last fling out of our systems. I think we both have taken responsibility for our actions and are able to move on, having learned valuable lessons along the way.

For now, I will simply post the last two entries of his diary.

I hope to see you soon!
Your Affectionate Friend,

Dear Diary
I am completely horrified by my behavior yesterday! What was I thinking! I have to find some way to explain this all to C. What will she think of me? Will she ever forgive me? I must do the honorable thing and confess my betrayal. She, Kathryn and Arwen (the kid, not the crazy Elf-chick who keeps stalking me) are just getting back from shopping. I’ll have to face the music. I’ll see if C. will have lunch with me.

That went better than I expected. C. agreed to meet me for lunch and we wandered up to the food court. I bought some stir fry and diet Pepsi and we found a mostly empty picnic in the shade. I told her we had to talk. I could tell she was expecting a lord Geoffie-like confrontation about HER behavior on Thursday. But really...what could I say after all I had done. Anyway...I confessed...not details...that would have been too much to bear, but I told her enough. I also apologized...over and over and over. Fortunately for me, she actually pays attention to Gandalf when he’s rambling about fate and justice and she forgave me! The dear girl even tried to blame herself for not being “present” for me when I needed her! I knew it! She’s a keeper!!! She did gently suggest that we move to the part of our fantasy world where Boromir is still dead. I couldn’t agree more. We also agreed that we should just put Thursday behind us. What happens at Pennsic, stays at Pennsic. Whew! What a relief.

On the way back to camp we bought root beer floats. They are quite good. Got to camp, took a nap (she even let me sleep in her pavilion!), and then drank some beer. I even help her fry left-over pierogies...I figure I owe her at least that. Spent a lovely quiet evening sitting by the fire with K. I smoked my pipe a bit...we drank more beer.

Dear Diary
Today was not a good day! I got up at dawn to check on Leggs and his latest leaf study. Apparently, when C. awoke at 8:30, Elder informed her that they were leaving today! This came as quite a shock as we had all planned to stay until Sunday. When I got back from the woods, C. was in a tizzy trying to get everything packed. Needless to say, Maggie and Amron were quite upset, as was K. I mean, how would you feel if your vacation was cut short a day! Honestly, I think it was completely discourteous, especially after all she’d been through the past few days! I just don’t think he appreciates her full worth! She even cried a bit! I hate it when she cries, even when it isn’t my fault. I wanted to kick his ass, but she talked me out of it. No sense causing a scene, she says. I’ve told her I want her to be done with the whole situation and I’m pretty sure she agrees. I will talk to K. about making some sort of kitchen arrangement between the two of them for next year. I’m sure we can work something out. I felt so bad when we got back to her apartment I even helped her carry things into the house and down to the basement. I hung out there for the rest of the day so she wouldn’t have to be alone. We drank some beer and watched Henry VIII. Pretty armor!

And so, Dear Diary, here ends the record of my Pennsic adventure. I would have chosen a happier one but I suppose we must do what we can with the time we are given.

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