Monday, August 29, 2005

On and on and on...

My Dearest Kendrah,

It always amazes me how long it takes the Elves to reach a decision about anything. You'd think with thousands of years of life experience they would have seen it all before anyway! But I suppose immortality gives one a unique sense of time that we mere mortals cannot possibly comprehend. Sigh. Anyway, I'm sending along a few more entries from His majesty's diaries. Hope you find it more entertaining than Elven Councils. I'm expecting a flock of new students to come in for training today. I hate the first few weeks of school!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Dear Diary
Second Monday
Li Chang cooked breakfast for everyone this morning. Made to order crepes and omelets. V. tasty. Tried to get Legolas to come out of his tree and have a blackberry crepe but he too busy contemplating an oddly-coloured leaf.
C. and K. went shopping. C. bought a belt pouch and a new tea mug. We looked at some drinking horns. Found a few she liked. We plan to stop back and look at them again sometime. We might be able to find a nice one as a gift for Eomer. I think he’d like that. C. and Andrew plan to take a class on Old English poetry. Eomer would like that too. Right now we’re waiting for the previous class to let out. K. went back to camp. I had a good day on the field. Sucked up to some “king”. May go to his party later. Hope he has beer. PS. C. says the poetry was really cool. We all plan to write some.

Dear Diary
Second Tuesday
Today was Norse Day. Went with C. and Andrew to a Skaldic poetry class. Wow! Much more complicated than the Anglo-Saxon. Plan to go home and borrow C.’s copy of Snorri’s Edda. Hope my knowledge of Sindarin will allow me to puzzle out the Old Icelandic.
Also took a class on Judicial Systems of Saga Period Iceland. Am a bit appalled bt their lack of king, but I guess it worked out ok for them...
Decided to follow Torin and Li Chang into the Woods battle. A pole-arm is HELL in the spruce line! It was fun though. Killed lots of people. Came back to camp and drank beer.

Dear Diary
Second Wednesday
Found some more knights to fight with and went shopping. It was Feast Night and I knew C. would be frying pierogies all day. I try to avoid cooking unless it involves a deer on a spit. C. wore the dress she made for the Artisan’s Competition at Wellspring. It’s one of my favorites. She wears it to royal functions from time to time. C. didn’t go to the big Midnight Madness sale, but I went to look around. Saw some good performers. I don’t think I care for the fire eaters. I know there is trick involved, but it just doesn’t seem natural...and sometimes I still have Balrog flashbacks. Drank beer with Andrew to forget the trauma.

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