Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Pennsic Research Project

My Dearest Corwynne,

I am glad to hear the you have returned safely. I was surprised to discover that our vacation was not a vacation, but a research project. It seems that the elves in the settlement have been discussing visiting reality and Leggs decided that this needed to be stopped. I was curious as to why he was so quick to agree to coming along.

It turns out that he used the trip to study the effects of the modern day pollutants on the object that has the most importance to the elves....the trees. I knew that he was studying them but I had no idea that this was a project for the settlement. Don't get me wrong, anything that will stop the elves from popping in and out is a good thing, but I could have arranged the study so that he didn't have spend our entire vacation on it.

So now, much like the king, Leggs is not helping with the fallout from the trip. He is busy compiling the reports for the elves. Hopefully it will convince them.

Hope you laundry is coming along.

Your affectionate friend,

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