Monday, January 03, 2005

Risky Business

My dearest Corwynne,

The Lord of the Rings Risk is quite possibly the greatest invention of the modern age. And it would not have been quite as great had you not been playing 1950's housewife making dinner and clearing away our mess. I thank you. It was great.

In other news, Leggs is confused again. I went to the settlement while we were driving home from your place. Everyone was asleep in the car so I figured they wouldn't miss me. I was wearing my new leaf pin. Leggs saw it. He looked puzzled for sometime then finally he succumed.
"I thought that pin was only given to members of the fellowship."
"It was" I replied
"Then how did you get one?"
"What do you mean? You were there when the elves gave it to me, same as you."
"No you weren't"
"Legolas, I was there the whole time....try looking behind you from time to time. You might not be as lucky next time it might be an orc instead of me."
He went away to try and remember if there was a tenth member of the fellowship that he had forgotten about.
He returned and told me that he knew I was joking because he had seen the movie as well and there is no one playing me.
I went on a tirade about how hollywood and the world was not ready to have a woman as a member of the fellowship and therefore the character of me was removed. I might have had him convinced but the look on his face made me laugh and the jig was up. But it was fun while it lasted.

Your affectionate friend,

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