Thursday, January 13, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

So it seems our Rook has started an international, if not interdimensional, incident!
This will take some careful handling. I just hope it doesn't get back to Elrond. It will hurt his feelings dreadfully and the poor Elf has been through enough already! His father's a star, his mother's a bird, his brother's a Man, his wife got on the boat, his daughter's a stalker and those Sons of his are out of control orc-slayers! This is last thing he needs!

Celeborn stopped by to spend a long weekend. I think he and Gladders are having another tiff. He says to tell Leggs not to wory about the long as Thranduil didn't make some ridiculous oath, (which the Sylvan folk don't tend to do) he'll take it back. Seems he has a tendency to send nasty letters when he's drinking. (Maybe the strawberry daquiri wasn't such a good idea after all!) Apparently he sends wine-stained notes to Celeborn all the time, one minute insulting his "fraterniztion" with the Noldor, then offering him the Crown of Mirkwood the next! Celeborn just ignores him. BTW...C. finds the "mudblood" comment quite amusing. He's gonna pass it on to Gladders (once they're speaking again). He thinks she'll enjoy immensely!

Well I should run. I put a fresh bucket of margueritas in the freezer last night and Celeborn and Aragorn keep finding excuses to pop over to my apartment while I'm at work. I promised Deana we'd have margueritas Friday night, so I need to make sure they leave some for us! Who would have guessed Wood Elves and Dunadain aould develop such an affection for frozen alcoholic beverages. (Maybe if you added a bit of whiskey to the Dip n Dots, Leggs would be less inclined to see them as a tool of Evil and learn to appreciate them for the tasty treats they are!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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