Tuesday, January 18, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

I had some interesting news from my Deana the other night. It seems, completely without her permission, Aragorn appeared in her dream! Needless to say, I was quite taken aback! What was he doing in SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM!?! Especially someone I know!?!

Deana poured me another marguerita and explained further. Things were not as bad as I first suspected. She is fairly certain that is was not actually Aragorn, but Viggo dressed as Aragorn. In fact, Viggo was really tired from filming. Seems he was so worn out, he had to lie in Deana's lap. And I was there too, stroking his hair. Hmmm...perhaps Aragorn needs to be jealous of this one. Fortunately it was Deana's dream, not mine...Viggo and I are just friends. Deana also assures me that through the entire dream, he was wearing his boots. And as we know, nothing naughty can happen when a man has his boots on!

To add to the strangeness, Captain Jack Sparrow showed up! NOT Johnny, Captain Jack himself! (I do not know if the Captain kept his boots on...It's probably best not to know!)

I have no explanation for any of it, as I said...not my dream...I told her to chalk it up to "comforting a comrade" and think no more of it. She did ask me to ask Aragorn not to visit her dreams...just in case. I have passed along the message. He gave me that smug Ranger smirk and nodded. I'm taking that as a "Yes, dear" for the moment...

Well, back to some paperwork. I wouldn't be too concerned about the lack of adventure at the moment. It's probably the deep breath before the plunge as they say. Things will pick up soon...enjoy the peace while you can!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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