Wednesday, January 12, 2005


My dearest Corwynne,
It appears that our movie boyfriends have begun to correspond with each other. Yesterday, while in the settlement a rider appeared....Well he didn't appear he rode up in a very nonmagical fashion. Anyway, it was a letter from Aragorn to Leggs. It related the "mudblood" incident much as you have recounted it here. Leggs is mortified and at the King's behest has made it clear that Rook will not be welcome in the settlement either. This is a sad state of affairs, I think given some time it can be gotten past but it may take the lifetime of an immortal to get there.
Leggs actually got two letters yesterday. They arrived from different directions. One from the White City and one from Mirkwood. He was quite surprised to hear from he father. He did not hold out much hope for good news and he was right. It read: Legolas, worthless Prince, Your inheritance has been given away. Enjoy your life among lesser men and women. Your former Father, etc.
It did not have that effect intended however. Leggs was pleased as could be about this development. Elves are strange.

In real world news I heard from Jeffie in Kyrgystan. He says that he is currently in a military tent city, not unlike pennsic. Therefore I have decided to imagine him in the tent city of Rohan, just before the battle of Pelanor Fields. Such lovely tents.

That is all for now, I must go try and calm Pippin(the dog not the hobbit)
Your affectionate Friend,


Magdalene said...

So apparently everyone in Middle Earth has read Harry Potter? I hope that's what this all means because if you girls add a third world to keep track of I'm afraid we will have to have you committed to an institution with very high walls.

Kendrah & Corwynne said...

That's okay, we will just imagine them to have very short will be fine.