Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Concerning Comforting

My Dearest Kendrah,

Yes, the old comforting line. It does work wonders (and is frequently true). Aragorn has done his share of comforting in the past, so I think the system works fairly well. As long as I never catch him comforting that home-wrecker Arwen, we should be fine.

I sometimes miss Boromir. Not that we ever really got to know each other, but it seems sad that he's missing out on the New World Order. He probably would have been fine once we got him out from under Denethor's thumb. Faramir is doing an admirable job, however. Have I ever mentioned how much he reminds me of your father?

Perhaps those "real-world" people have a point. We really should conduct a census to determine just who is "real" and in what sense. I'll send an imaginary email to Aragorn and Faramir and see if they'd like to make that a Spring project. They'd probably like it...riding over the real and imagined countrysides, interviewing the folks, camping and fishing, just like the old would be a good bonding experience...and may actually yield some useful demographic information.

Someday I need to play the game. I'm not very good at strategy though. Maybe Aragorn could be on my team? That might not be a good idea either...Mr "Ya Know-What-Would-Be-Fun? Let's-Go-Attack-the-Black Gate-as-a-Diversion." I know, I know, it worked...but really! Not a venture I'd undertake in a board game!

I'm going to go watch a bit of "The Power of Myth."

Talk to you soon,
Your Affectionate Friend,

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