Tuesday, February 01, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

I am so pleased the imaginary writer's block has begun to resolve itself! It's so frustrating when memories of imagined event begin to fade before you can get them on paper!

The lobby is full of clowns!!! Like 16 of them! I'm scared! When I'm Queen I will banish clowns!

Anyway...I have made a discovery. It seems our fantasy world runs on the Narnia Principle (you're there for years but only a few minutes pass in the real world), rather than on the more traditional Faery Principle (you're there for days but years pass in the real world). I made this rather unfortunate discovery while trying to avoid the Opera this past weekend.

I had spent a lovely evening with Aragorn, the Sons, Faramir and assorted other guests, drinking and laughing and of course, lament singing until dawn. Imagine my horror at returning to discover the Opera had not yet reached intermission! Grrrr...I now must engage in numerous other experiments to determine if this phenomenon is consistant. Perhaps I can enlist Mithrandir's aid...though time probably works differently for a Maiar.

On to more pleasant topics. I did have Eowyn over to watch King Arthur. We quite enjoyed it. We also developed new movie crushes. Nothing serious, I think, just harmless crushes. She immediately fell for Arthur (No suprise there, is it?) and I was quite taken with Sir Gawain. Eowyn says it's because Gawain reminded me of her brother. What is it with me and dirty, blonde horselords??

Well, I must be off. We should get together sometime soon. It's been ages since I've travelled to the Settlement. I'll stop by, if you aren't to busy...

Your Affectionate Friend,

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