Thursday, February 17, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. I've been sending a great deal of time with Aragorn in Minas Tirith recently, and as we've learned, that doesn't help at all when real world work interferes.

BTW...I just read the Live Journal of someone who is truly mad as a hatter. We are SOOO fine!

Anyway...I had been thinking I would do something nice for Aragorn on Valentine's Day. (I so infrequently have a boyfriend, real or invisible, to do nice things for!) He was making it a bit difficult, though. For weeks he'd been all mopey and quiet, more melancholy than usual. I gave him literature about Valentine's Day and he was actually quite offended by the concept. "This is stupid...if you love someone, be kind ALL the time, not one day a year! And it's not REALLY a doesn't commemorate a great victory, or the turning of a season or an age or anything! All it does is make people feel bad about not getting a damn box of cheap chocolate!"

Well, then. He usually humors me about our wacky festivals so I was convinced something else was wrong. After all, it couldn't be me! And it wasn't. I did some hasty research into RotK Appendix B and discovered the trouble. The end of January-beginning of February was a bad time for the Fellowship: they had lost Gandalf in Moria, Frodo (on the 14th coincidentally) was peeking into the Mirror of Gladders, and Boromir was getting really twitchy. I think he was just feeling kinda down about that whole period.

So, instead of a quiet romantic dinner for two, I ordered a few pizzas, bought a case of Yuengling Porter and invited Gandalf and the Hobbits over. Sam brought Rosie so we could amuse each other while the guys watched Excalibur and poked fun at Arthur and Merlin. It turned out to be a lovely evening. And Aragorn did get me a bunch of roses (OK...I saw Sam give him the roses and tell him to give them to me...but was sweet). Merry brought me a box of chocolate (but half of the candies had mysteriously vanished before I got to me.) Frodo gave me a lovely little book of poetry that he written himself (not very cheerful poetry, I might add.) Pippin just looked confused and asked for another beer.

Aragorn seemed to enjoy himself and has been quite cheerful recently. Who ever would have thought that even imaginary relationships require work and compromise! You learn something new every day...

I must get back to work. Don't forget, it's Thursday!

Talk to you soon.
Your Affectionate Friend,

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