Saturday, February 12, 2005


My Dearest Kendrah,

So it seems that my time thoery is correct! That was very clever of Legolas to test the theory and report his findings. I had a new thought, related to the time difference, that must be investigated...and I could use your help.

With the amount of drinking that goes on, I think we need to get some concrete notion of how the drunkeness tranfers between worlds. For example-if I sit up all night drinking with Aragorn and the Sons, then pop back, and only a few minutes have elapsed in the real world, am I still drunk? Along the same lines, if I get wasted with Deana watching horror movies on a Friday night, and have to be back in the White City for a Diplomatic Reception on Saturday morning, will I be hung over?

I'd like you and Legolas to assist, if you would. We'll get drunk in Minas Tirith and pop back to Pgh and record our findings. We'll sleep it off, get drunk here, and get the picture. I thought you could be designated driver. If Legg's is willing we can test the effect on Man and Elf at the same time, saving us thousands in valuble research dollars (pounds, gold coins, whatever!) I think this money could be much better spent on our census project. I'd hate to have to reapply for additional grant funding. The paperwork required by the Gondorian Agency for Alchemical Research (GAAR) is a pain in my ass.

Eowyn plans to send Gregor an imaginary email. She loves what he's done with the royal residence and wants to talk with him doing several public buildings in the newly rebuilt Ithilien. She's also hoping that he can reccomend someone to design the city's "green space." Elrohir has been hinting that he's interested in te contract, but she's still a bit inimidated by Elves in general. He'd walk all over her and we'd end up with a city full of flowers and gulls and no roads! I know you've been dealing with simliar issues. Fortunately, Aragorn insists the White Tree remain the center attraction in the War of the Ring Memorial Park, so there's only so much you can do around that.

Well, dinner break is almost over and we have a show starting soon, so I should go and do something contructive.

I'll talk to you soon!
Your Affectionate Friend,


gregor said...

Yes, I did get the imaginary email
I think it was yesterday.
I'll include some of the imaginary pics of the the royal residence and the painting I've done there. Here they are: X
X beautiful aren't they!
I can't wait to get started painting at Ithilien.
I gotta finish all the work over at Lara Croft's Castle. I moved in there a few weeks ago. I also talked Griet into leaving that moody Vermeer and move in with us.
She still wears that silly pearl earring but at least we got her to stop washing the windows.

Kendrah & Corwynne said...

Eowyn is trilled with your work! She's showing the pictures to everyone. Will you be staying in Ithilien or communting from Lara's? If you ever get tired of Eowyn's cooking, stop over our place for the weekend...Aragorn barbecues a mean stag and he's getting a new beer in from the Misty Mountains that should be ready to drink in a few weeks.
Glad Griet has settled down a bit...excessive tidiness can be such a pain! C.

Kendrah & Corwynne said...

And since it is imaginary stag you can eat it. K