Monday, February 21, 2005


My Dearest Corwynne,

It has been such a long time since I have been able to write, and I am sorry, but this time it was not my fault in the least. You see several weeks ago,while Leggs was on a hunting trip, the elders of the settlement had a meeting in which they formed the ESSF-the Elvish Settlement Security Force.

The main job of the ESSF was to make sure that none of the settlement's secrets were leaked to the outside world. They took great interest in these writings. You may ask how they knew about these writings. I will admit that it took some time for me to understand exactly what was going on.

About two months ago an new elf named Billindalt arrived in the settlement. His story about where he was born and had spent all of this time since the Elvish exodus didn't make much sense to me, but no one else seemed concerned. I didn't give it much thought until the forming of the ESSF.

The day it was formed I came home and wrote to you. The next morning my post was gone and there was a letter on my desk stating that my letter had been deemed a risk to the community, signed by the ESSF. This happened several times. In frustration, I wrote you again and posted the letter and waited. Around 2 am who should appear at my computer but Billindalt! There he was erasing my post!

Leggs returned the next day and we uncovered what was really going on. The forming of the ESSF was just the normal rebellion of the Elves in this camp, but it was greatly influence by this Billindalt. Apparently, he told the elders that he had a way, that he would not explain to them, to stop the correspondence between the settlement and the White City. They actually started off on our side, saying that they saw no danger in these two particular humans writing to one another. But Billindalt said that he was from a race of Elves which could not only see possible futures, but were given the power to change the most likely outcome. They bought it, and told him to do whatever was needed short of killing us. (how nice of them)

So after I explained the situation to Leggs he came home with me, putting aside his fear of the palantir box to use it to research this elf......or should we say 15 year old boy named Billy Dalton from Flagstaff!

It seems that young Bill, a computer geek of the highest order, had read our musings and decided that he would join in. But like many young men, once he gained some imaginary power he thought he would see what damage he could do.

He has been banned from the settlement and the members of the ESSF have agreed to disband. But you should keep a close eye on your borders for people who are unknown, he is a very clever boy and who knows what he might be planning next.

Your affectionate friend,

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