Monday, September 04, 2006

Notes II

My Dearest Kendrah,

It sounds like your golf experience was quite an adventure. There is probably some lesson about patience involved…there’s usually a lesson about something!

I am pleased to report that I have located another set Aragorn’s Pennsic notes. This latest discovery illustrates my assertion that no one is safe…we are all Blog Fodder! The content of the note is found below.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. We’ll chat soon!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Note #2 (found rolled up in the bottom of a small pipeweed pouch)

I have noticed over the past several years that a fair amount of lore is shared among the folk of Estmar/Siver Phoenix. Below I have listed a number of seemingly meaningful and/or important stories, questions, reminiscences etc that are oft repeated…actually, repeated every year for as long as I (or the ladies) can remember. I mean to ask Corwynne for explanations of some of this lore, if I can find a way to do it without raising suspicion. I’d hate for her and K to discover what close attention we pay to their “vacation”. We should encourage our folk to write these stories down. Poor Bilbo had to learn the hard way that there is no end of trouble once people start forgetting their stories…

1.”Remember that bag piper at Pennsic III? He was standing on the knoll with the mist rising…?” (repeated by everyone who attended Pennsic III)

2. “What do we do with the camp fund beside buy firewood? We should really talk about it this year" (Keeli)

3. “Those firewood people make their living off of Pennsic…Fair prices though…?” (Lord Amron)

4. “We’ve got eight, maybe nine more tents to get in here…”( Everybody!!)

5. ”Your not just a mother, you’re a MOM!” (C. to K in memory of the creepy sqatting man who was fascinated by Brennan in a Basket)

6. “Let’s watch for falling stars and make fun of Maggie for not seeing them!” (Everyone around the fire)

7. “It’s going to be tight…how many more tents do we need to get in here?” (Everybody)

8. I swear, next year, we taking all our land!” (Lord Michael)

9. “When is Robyn getting in?” (Everybody at some point. Must ascertain just who this 'Robyn' is)

10. "Kate is 18, but this is her 19th Pennsic!"

11."Does that PortaJohn smell like grape Hubba Bubba juice?" (This statement made Elder turn an interesting shade of green. Must research further)

12. “You know, this used to be the archery field”

13. “We’ve got six, maybe seven more tents to fit in here”

14. "Remember when the tornado came and picked up the tent full of beer and my mom and Gregor almost got crushed to death when the pavilion collapsed?” (Kendrah)

15. “There weren’t enough potatoes in that song!” (Torin)

16. “Good morning to YOU!!!”

17. "This is a stupid hobby"

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