Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Much Needed Expedition

My Dearest Corwynne,

Who would ever have guessed that our guys were so aware of their surroundings. Everytime I see them when we are out in public they always seem to have an unbelieving glaze over their eyes. As if this is just a dream and soon they will wake up in Middle Earth and everything will be normal again. I never would have guess that that is what they look like when they are concentrating. It is really fascinating.

Anyway, the actual reason I am writing is that we have been hearing rumors in the settlement that the Middle Earth Peace Summit is reaping positive results. I have warned those here who are hoping for silks from the Easterlings, waters from Fangorn and "spices" from Hobbiton, not to get their hopes up, but you know how elves can be when they have gone a long time without new clothes. They have petitioned me to write to you to ascertain if these rumors are true. I hope that they are cause I think they might riot. Of course they don't know that it would take me very little effort to re-imagine the settlement pre-riot, cause what would be the fun in that.
So if you could let us now how the trade negotiations are going it would be very helpful.

Leggs is getting a bit antsy. It seems that two and a half weeks of post pennsic blues are taking their toll and he thinks that he should mount an expedition. He hasn't really been terribly clear on what the expedition would be for or where it might be, just that it needs to be done. You may want to intercept the King's mail from Leggs for a while, just in case he wants him to join him on some fool's errand.

I hope your post pennsic plague is improving. We need you health so that the plans for the royal wedding can begin.

Your affectionate friend,

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