Friday, September 22, 2006


My Dearest Corwynne,

Your latest letter was greeted with more jubilation than the one announcing the royal wedding. The elves celebrated by smiling, and I am certain I heard someone laugh, but it might have been Gimli. We have been informed that our first shipment of silks should arrive in the next few days and the elves are busy getting the Ork workers into sewing shape. They have had to spend more time than they expected teaching them to thread a needle, but after that it seems to be going well.
Also, plans are now under way for a fashion show. You and the King will be receiving your invitations soon. The elves wanted to get them out by next week, but the MEEMA people were setting up in the building we use to house the printing press, so it will take a while to get that set up again. Speaking of MEEMA. It is such a good thing that we didn't really have an emergency here, because there offerings of second hand clothes and bottled water were taken as an insult and almost caused a completely different riot. Luckily your letter arrived before it could start and the MEEMA people took that as permission to pack up and leave.
All in all, the settlement has suddenly become an almost pleasent place to be. It is nice to take a moment and enjoy the lack of problems on the horizon.

Moment over, time to cook dinner for the boys.
Your affectionate friend,

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